Our introductory video gives a flavour of what the programme covers, from sourcing ingredients to acting responsibly and developing staff.

Our resources have been designed to give students a wider understanding of what it takes to work for an internationally successful business, whilst helping them to develop core employability skills and explore work opportunities beyond the school gates.

Introduce your students to curriculum-linked topics and take them on a business journey from farm to fork, whilst supporting the Gatsby Benchmarks. You can choose whether to deliver each resource in sequence or take your pick across two or more lessons.

“I truly believe that the experience and

transferable skills my learners will gain with

McDonald’s will be used in the future whether via

apprenticeships or at university.”

- Hayley Ridewood , Sixth Form Personal Tutor

"I liked the videos where employers described what they expected to see from someone in the interview process.“

- Year 11 student

From the farm

Join us as we challenge your students to consider what it takes to source ingredients and create new products for customers.


In the business

Give your students an inside look at what it takes to run a financially successful business and retain happy customers.


In the community

A sustainable business depends on thriving communities. Introduce your students to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Ти покидаєш сайт McDonalds

Щоб продовжити, обери партнера делівері
Будь ласка, обери партнера деливері
Ти покидаєш сайт McDonald’s для перегляду ресурсу, що знаходиться за межами McDonald’s. Будь ласка, переглянь політику конфіденційності третіх сторін, політику доступності, положення та умови. McDonald’s не відповідає за контент, що розміщений за межами цього сайту..