The Climate Clarity Guide

Our research has told us that 63% of people think the jargon used to describe climate change is increasing, which is why we’ve created The Climate Clarity Guide. 

It provides clear explanations for the words, phrases and language which the UK public find the most confusing when it comes to climate change and the environment. This will enable everyone to be part of the climate conversation and to discuss what we can all do to help protect our planet.

“Everyone has got busy lives, children, doing this and that, and sustainability isn’t the first thing that pops into your brain. I need a bit more of an explanation and when I get that, it makes me think about sustainability a lot more.” 36 year old mother of one from Greater London

A-Zero: A farmer’s guide to breaking free from environmental jargon

To support farmers and suppliers, we’ve created a new guide that translates 50 sustainability terms into more accessible language. A-Zero: A farmer’s guide to breaking free from environmental jargon aims to demystify these terms and offers practical examples as to what they mean on farm.

Speaking at the launch of the A-Zero Guide at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2021, HRH The Prince of Wales said -

“I have long tried to encourage a more sustainable approach to agriculture, which actually puts nature back at its heart, restoring the health of our soils and encouraging biodiversity and which champions locally produced healthy, nutritious food.

“So I really am delighted that my Countryside Fund has asked farmers themselves what would actually help here, and with the expertise of Tim Field have put together this helpful booklet, which explains many of the more obscure terms in clear language. And I really am enormously grateful to McDonald's and Paul Pomroy, who have most generously supported many of my Countryside Fund’s activities to date going back to 2011.

“I can only commend this guide to you all as an important step forward, in I hope helping our farmers in their future.”

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