As well as working towards our net zero emissions ambition for 2040, we’re also committed to protecting and restoring nature, from towns to countryside, and rivers to forests. 

They’re big ambitions, but we know that we can get there by innovating with our brilliant partners. Supporting British and Irish farmers to work with nature, including improving soil health and increasing biodiversity, is one way for us to cut our carbon footprint. Plus it’s good for wildlife and for all of us.

Climate Positive

Our commitment and goals

We will aim to reach net zero emissions by 2040 across our entire business and value chain to have a positive impact on climate.

Icon of McDonald's restaurant above the date 2030.

By 2030 achieve net zero emissions for all our restaurants and offices

Icon of the world above the date 2040.

By 2040 achieve net zero emissions for our entire business and value chain, working with our suppliers and franchisees to have a positive impact on climate


Our ambition is to achieve net zero emissions in Ireland and the UK from farms to restaurants, by 2040. It means addressing all the ways we impact the climate, and working in our own business and with our suppliers, farmers and customers to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We are developing a roadmap for getting there. Our first milestone will be to reach net zero emissions in our own restaurants and offices by 2030. 

We’ll achieve this by reducing our emissions through how we build and power our restaurants, as well as how we reduce and recycle our waste.

We will also continue to collaborate with our suppliers and other retailers on wider impacts across our full business and value chain, in line with the latest science, to reach net zero emissions by 2040.

Image of wind turbines in a field.

Investing in renewable electricity

We have been investing in renewable electricity plants since 2013 using Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and will continue to do so to help expand the supply of renewable electricity in the UK. We purchase 100% renewable electricity for use in our restaurants.

Exterior shot of McDonald's restaurant with view of drive thru.

Our journey to net zero

We’re setting out the milestones on our journey to net zero emissions.

Group shot of the recent co-hort of Progressive Young Farmers.

Investing in the future of farming

From giving the next generation of farmers a helping hand to researching soil health, our Farm Forward programme is investing in the future

Herd of cows in a green field.

Leading improvements for beef sustainability

Find out how we are investing in research and sharing the findings with farmers as we work together to improve the sustainability of the beef we source

Our first net zero standard restaurant

Our goal is to redevelop our whole estate of restaurants to a UK industry net zero emissions standard in fit-out and operation. See how we are making this a reality at Market Drayton

Taking action on packaging and waste

We’re working on innovative packaging solutions, ensuring it's made from sustainable materials and can enjoy a second life. See the changes we’ve already made and what else we’ll be unwrapping soon

Nature Positive

Our commitment and goals

We will lead the way in championing sustainable practices and harnessing innovation, to protect forests and promote soil health, biodiversity and water management to have a positive impact on nature.

Icon of a bee and a flower above the date 2023.

By 2023 launch our nature positive programme in order to scale innovative nature-based solutions

Icon of a red tractor above the date 2025.

By 2025 have regenerative agriculture initiatives in each of our priority supply chains to promote soil health, water management and biodiversity

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By the end of 2025 soy used in our ingredients and in the animal feed in our supply chain will be deforestation free.

Icon of three trees above the date 2030.

By 2030 the global McDonald’s business will have eliminated deforestation from our supply chains


We will be guided by science in order to protect and restore natural resources, and help regenerate biodiversity through projects within and beyond our supply chain.

We’re already working in partnership with farmers to improve soil health. Soil is the foundation of most of our food and healthy soils also store more carbon. Our investment in new technologies and research also extends to how farmers can optimise the amount of water they use.

Investing £1m to make our Fries more sustainable

We’ve launched the Sustainable MacFries Fund, together with our potato supplier McCain, to provide £1m in grants to British potato farmers. This will enable them to use new technology to improve their understanding of soil quality and to optimise water management. 


Restoring nature will help us improve the resilience of ecosystems, and enable us to cut carbon emissions. We will continue to collaborate on new innovations and agricultural best practice so the transformation can be accelerated across our supply chain.

Over half a million trees planted on farms supplying our free-range eggs

Since 2012, the farmers supplying us with free-range eggs have planted 20% tree cover on their ranges, through our range enrichment programme. This has benefitted hen welfare and egg quality, and improved natural habitats.


The launch of our nature positive programme will take nature-based projects and innovations to as big an audience as possible, bringing us all a little closer to nature.

The people behind our Plan

“We are proud to be a long standing supplier of organic milk for McDonald’s restaurants. Biodiversity is so important to us and we're really pleased to welcome British honey bees onto our Cheshire dairy farm. The bees will help us by pollinating crops and hopefully we will get to enjoy some lovely clover honey too!”

Mike, organic dairy farmer

Conserving forests

Supporting deforestation-free supply chains and promoting forests as a climate solution is not just our responsibility, it’s core to our business. Find out more on our strategy and our Commitment on Forests.

Our nature coalitions and partnerships

The Prince’s Countryside Fund

The Prince’s Countryside Fund

FAI Farms

 FAI Farms

Our long-term goals in full

See the details behind our Plan.


* Product scope includes soy sourced for feed of livestock used in McDonald's products. It also includes soy used directly as an ingredient in McDonald's products.

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