Hamburger Lovers Demand Perfection and McDonald's Canada Delivers with 100% Pure Canadian Beef in Every Bite

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Quick-service beefs up its menu with new Angus Third Pounders

TORONTO, ON (April 12, 2011) - McDonald’s signature beef recipe is so simple you only need to remember a single ingredient: 100% pure beef. With no fillers, no binding agents and no additives - outside of salt and pepper seasoning after grilling - it’s the closest thing to perfection for hamburger lovers.

This recipe has been the same since McDonald’s first introduced their famous hamburgers to Canadians in 1967 and it’s a home-grown story worth celebrating. Not only does McDonald’s Canada source its beef exclusively from Canadian beef farmers and ranchers, but with more than 66 million pounds of locally-raised beef bought every year, McDonald’s is the largest purchaser of ground beef in the Canadian restaurant industry.

“Consumers are more interested in quality, sourcing and food safety than ever before and for all the rights reasons,” said Jeff Kroll, Senior Vice-President, National Supply Chain, McDonald’s Canada. “It’s for those same reasons that we support beef producers from across the country and work tirelessly with our supply chain partners to deliver great-tasting, quality hamburgers in every restaurant.”

While the recipe may be simple, McDonald’s safety and quality standards are intricate and extremely rigourous, meeting or exceeding those required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). For example, by the time a Big Mac® sandwich ends up in the hands of a customer, it goes through 40 different quality and safety checks at McDonald’s beef supplier alone.

“Canada’s cattle producers take pride in producing safe and delicious beef and we’re appreciative of the trust and confidence McDonald’s Canada has demonstrated over the years,” said Canadian Cattlemen’s Association President Travis Toews. “Their support for our industry is exceptional and our strong relationship is a direct result of our ability to consistently deliver high quality beef that meets their exacting standards.”

Always looking to surprise and delight its customers, McDonald’s Canada is beefing up its menu with a new trio of Angus Third Pounders™, which are now available nationwide at participating McDonald’s restaurants, excluding certain retail locations.

Topped with a new bakery-style roll, the Angus Third Pounder is made with a third-pound* of thick and juicy 100% pure Canadian Angus beef and can be enjoyed in three mouth-watering ways: Deluxe (with lettuce and tomato), Bacon & Cheese and Mushroom & Swiss.

As a special introductory offer, all three Angus Third Pounders will be 50 per cent off the a la carte selling price from April 12-18, 2011 at participating locations across Canada.

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*Weight before cooking at least 151.33 g

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