Where Our Food Comes From

McDonald’s® Canada works closely with more than 100 leading Canadian suppliers.
Investing Locally

We strive to source quality products and supplies from within Canada. Together, suppliers, the company and franchisees create new products, help reduce costs and ensure our guests get the same great McDonald’s taste in every community across Canada.

Our Commitment to Canadian Agriculture

We invest in Canada’s agricultural sector by sourcing quality food products domestically, including the annual purchase of more than $887 million in food and materials from over 100 suppliers across Canada each year. In fact, McDonald's Canada sources 100% of its beef from beef suppliers in Canada & the Alaskan Pollock filets used in our Filet- O-Fish® can be directly traced back to sustainable fisheries in Canada.

Trusted Brands

We shop where our guests shop – our basket is just a bit bigger! McDonald’s buys and serves the same wholesome foods our guests use at home, supplied by brand name companies Canadians know and trust such as Cargill, Coca-Cola, Danone, McCain, Minute Maid, Mother Parkers, Nestle, Quaker, Saputo.

A green tractor in front of multiple hay bales on a bright sunny day
A person holding a tuft of freshly dug potatoes

Animal Welfare

McDonald’s® commitment to animal welfare is a global effort.


Our Guiding Principles

At McDonald’s Canada, we’re committed to working with our suppliers and industry experts to continually improve our animal welfare program. It’s an ongoing process of study, consultation, and innovation. To guide our efforts, McDonald’s established the industry’s first independent expert Animal Welfare Team. We are committed to the McDonald’s Global Animal Welfare Guiding Principles, initiated by our global company in 1999.

Animal Treatment

At McDonald’s Canada, we support the principle that animals should be free from cruelty, abuse and neglect while embracing the proper treatment of animals and addressing animal welfare issues.
McDonald’s believes in the ethical treatment of animals, and that animals should be raised, transported and slaughtered in an environment free of cruelty, abuse and neglect.


McDonald’s works with our suppliers to audit animal welfare practices, ensuring ongoing compliance and continuous improvement. Outside experts have helped McDonald’s develop systems to measure the effectiveness of our animal welfare practices. To that end, McDonald’s is committed to implementing an auditing system with our suppliers to ensure animal welfare compliance and share best practices for continuous improvement. We also encourage all our suppliers to conduct self-audits with independent third-party bodies on an ongoing basis.


McDonald’s leads our industry, working with our suppliers and industry experts to advance animal welfare practices and technology. We will continue to educate ourselves and our suppliers, and ensure that our programs are based on the best science available. This includes working with industry experts and scientists to develop training programs and materials that will help ensure ongoing improvements in the area of animal welfare.

Performance Measurement

McDonald’s sets annual performance objectives to measure our improvement and will ensure our purchasing strategy is aligned with our commitment to animal welfare issues. We continue to dedicate resources to monitor and co-ordinate activities associated with improving animal welfare, and will incorporate these objectives into our annual business strategy. McDonald’s recognizes our responsibility as a major purchaser of animal products. We understand the need to establish animal welfare standards and measurements, and align these with our purchasing strategy.


McDonald’s will communicate our process, programs, plans and progress surrounding animal welfare. We are committed to sharing our progress with our guests and shareholders, and to sharing best practices with our competitors.

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Several cows eating from pails
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