Franchising at McDonald's

 The Golden Opportunity

Join the most recognized franchise business in the world. 

Through world-class training, service and a support system that we have perfected over many years, we believe in fostering the success of each and every McDonald’s franchise. The more you grow, the more we grow. After all, McDonald’s can only be as successful as our individual franchisees.

What You’ll Get

  • Our proven system and recipe for success 

  • World-class service and support

  • Restaurant development support and extensive training programs
  • Opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the success of the system

What You’ll Need

  • You’re willing to invest a minimum of $700,000 of non-borrowed funds

  • You’re willing to relocate to accept an opportunity

  • You’re willing to train and demonstrate the skills required before you invest

Am I A Fit?

  • You have passion for the McDonald's brand, and building great teams

  • You take a hands-on approach to your business

  • You believe in proven systems

  • You have a desire to be part of something bigger
  • You believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to success

Our Franchisees


Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, but all have one thing in common – Passion. Passion for the brand, passion for their people and passion for growth. Meet some of our franchisees.

Pierre Marois and Spouse

“What I love the most about McDonald’s is the people, the culture, the respect and the sharing. Nobody at McDonald’s looks the same. Inclusion is an important value for us, being a gay couple with two kids, McDonald’s has never made us feel different or unwelcome and we apply that in our restaurants and in our communities as well.”

Deborah Feaver

"The training program through McDonald’s was everything. It helped me to make that transition to owning and running my own business. The collaboration with the organization and the support that McDonald’s has given me, it has been amazing all along the way. They want you to succeed, they’re there to help you and support you.”

Jason Ammar

“I have very fond memories growing up loving McDonald’s, celebrating my birthdays at McDonald’s. McDonald’s was always a place where we shared a lot of happy moments. Obviously, the business model was also appealing to me – that’s how I got into the brand. Being part of the McDonald’s Family means being part of something that is bigger than myself.”

Drew Jarrett and Spouse

“This has been a goal of ours for a long time, so to have it come to fruition is very exciting. It’s exciting for us to see the impact that we’re having with our staff, with our guests and getting involved in the community. The advice I would give to new franchisees would be to trust in the brand and trust in the system, because the system is always going to be there to support you.”

Sarah Douglas

“McDonald’s has allowed me to take my business experience, my people skills and bring them to an existing business and put my stamp on it. It’s also allowed me to continue to be successful in the business world, yet still balance my life as a working mom. If you are given the opportunity to become involved with the McDonald’s system, do not hesitate, jump at that opportunity!”  

Jennifer G. Antolin

We put our guests and people first. Every decision we make as an organization considers, “What does this mean for all of our guests and people?"

Pierre-Charles Tardif

I’ve always had a fond appreciation for the brand; how we put teamwork, work ethic and collaboration first.

Usman Tahir Jutt

I wanted to join an organization that had its imprint in the community. With McDonald’s, I’m able to build stronger connections with my neighbours and community alike.

Kathie Gilmour 

I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of the McDonald's system and to represent this iconic global brand.

Dave Wood

McDonald's is always looking at ways to improve, move the business forward, and deliver the best experience possible to the guests.

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