Giving Back

Local Community Programs

McDonald’s® is proud to give back to the communities we serve.

How We Give Back

Whether it’s supporting a local sports league, helping talented young athletes, or taking steps to improve our neighbourhoods, our support reflects our commitment to our communities. And through Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, we serve families in over 440 local communities across Canada every year.

A Valued Community Partner

Approximately 85% of McDonald’s restaurants in Canada are independently owned and operated by a local McDonald’s franchisee. Your local McDonald’s franchisee may be involved in programs supporting local community programs, senior citizens’ groups, safety awareness campaigns, literacy and scholarship programs, environmental efforts and athletic teams. Visit your local McDonald’s restaurant’s Community Board to find out more about the programs they support.

McDonald's staff handing yellow balloon to child and mother
McDonald's staff handing yellow balloon to child and mother

McHappy Day®

On the first Wednesday of every May, McDonald’s restaurants across Canada come together with their communities to support local children’s charities. This one-day fundraising event also supports the 15 Ronald McDonald Houses and 16 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms across Canada that help over 30,000 families stay together as their children are being treated at a nearby hospital. First established in 1977, McHappy Day is a long-standing Canadian tradition and is at the heart of who we are and what we do at McDonald’s Canada.

Supporting Community Growth

Every day, we provide countless benefits to our many guests, our more than 90,000 employees, and the communities we live in. McDonald’s offers employment and career opportunities, support for charitable organizations and tax revenues for public services. Each McDonald’s restaurant represents between 50 and 100 jobs to a community.

Partners in Disaster Preparedness

As disasters hit more and more Canadians, McDonald’s has stepped up to help protect the communities we serve. In 2016, our #BigMacforFortMac campaign raised more than $1 million for the people of Fort McMurray after devastating wildfire. But we wanted to do more. That’s why McDonald’s Canada has joined the Canadian Red Cross in their disaster preparedness and response program, working together to make sure support will always be there for Canadians and communities across the country.