McDonald’s Canada Achieves Goal of Sourcing 100% Canadian Free-Run Eggs

McDonald's Restaurant


McDonald’s Canada is proud to announce it has reached its goal of sourcing 100% Canadian free-run eggs for its McMuffin®, McGriddles® and Bagel sandwiches. This news comes ahead of the company’s target of reaching this goal by 2025, set in 2015 as part of McDonald’s Canada’s Food Quality and Sourcing journey.

“Over 117 million Canada Grade A eggs are sourced per year for Canadian restaurants, so we want to make sure we’re using our scale for good,” said Hope Bentley, Head of Supply Chain, McDonald’s Canada. “This is about animal welfare, supporting Canadian farmers, and the future of this country’s agriculture industry. Not to mention serving delicious, quality eggs in your favourite McMuffin or McGriddles.” 

To achieve this milestone, the company worked closely with their egg supplier Burnbrae Farms, alongside Canadian egg farmers, since 2015 on the logistics of reaching this complex goal. Creating a supply of free-run eggs big enough to meet the demands of McDonald’s Canadian restaurants would not have been possible without their support. 


  • On a free-run farm, hens are housed in an open environment that allows birds freedom to express their natural behaviours and includes enrichments such as perches, scratch areas and nests. 
  • Burnbrae Farms has supplied eggs to McDonald’s restaurants in Canada since the early 1970’s and has been the sole supplier since 2003. 

  • Burnbrae Farms currently supplies Canada Grade A eggs for McDonald’s McMuffin®, McGriddles® and Bagel sandwiches.

  • McDonald’s Canada Grade A eggs come only from Canadian farms and have been certified by the Egg Farmers of Canada’s Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) program. The EQA Program certifies Canadian eggs are produced according to strict food safety and animal welfare standards.

  • McDonald’s Canada believes in serving food in a way that supports quality ingredients, and sourcing beef, potatoes, dairy and freshly cracked Canada Grade A eggs from nearly 50,000 Canadian farmers and ranchers*. 

To see more information about McDonald’s sourcing journey, please visit our Interactive Timeline. 

*Based on supplier and industry information; calculations done in 2022

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