McDonald’s Canada to Launch Recycling Test for Specified Fibre Food and Plastic Packaging

McDonald's Restaurant


The pilot is being tested in selected restaurants in Alberta and Quebec 

McDonald’s Canada is trying a new approach to recycling in its restaurants by introducing a pilot testing the collection of specified fibre food and plastic packaging for potential recycling. The pilot, available in selected restaurants in Alberta and Quebec, will introduce new recycling bins in restaurants that will help guests sort their used packaging. This is the latest initiative for McDonald’s Canada in its journey to help support the recycling of guest packaging. 

The pilot’s modular recycling bins clearly guide guests through the sorting process, so they can be confident they place their used packaging materials in the correct receptacle. After the items are collected in the recycling bins, McDonald’s collection and recycling suppliers are testing which packaging material can be accepted for recycling. 

“At McDonald’s, we are committed to actively contributing to the well-being of the communities we operate in. This involves implementing both substantial and incremental changes – like these pilots – to help make meaningful progress towards achieving our shared environmental commitments,” said Gemma Hinksman, Senior Director, Canada Impact Team at McDonald’s.

Recently, McDonald’s Canada joined the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP), a multi-stakeholder collective spearheading Canada's response to the escalating plastic crisis by accelerating and scaling solutions that will keep plastics in the economy and out of people, animals and the environment. As part of the collaboration with CPP, McDonald’s Canada will be sharing results from the pilot program.

“Introducing the recycling pilot in selected restaurants marks a significant milestone in testing new procedures designed to help support the recycling of guest packaging. This journey is not just about what happens within our space - we are contributing valuable insights that resonate across the industry,” said Hinksman.

Guests in Alberta and Quebec will begin seeing the recycling bins in the following participating restaurants.

Alberta locations

  • Edmonton, A.B.: 10375-51st Avenue

  • Edmonton, A.B.: 6504 Sparrow Drive

  • Edmonton, A.B.: 11660 104th Avenue

  • Edmonton, A.B.: 11260 Groat Road

  • Edmonton, A.B.: 2804 James Mowatt Trail SW

  • Edmonton, A.B.: 835 Tamarack Way N.W.

Quebec locations

  • La Plaine, Q.C.: 5531, Boul. Laurier

  • Masouche, Q.C.: 247 Montée Masson 

  • Terrebonne, Q.C.: 1400, boul. Moody

  • Des Entrep, Q.C.: 2775A, avenue Claude Léveillée

  • Montee Gagnon, Q.C.: 3469, Montée Gagnon

  • Lachenaie, Q.C.: 630, montée des Pionniers

In recent years, McDonald’s Canada has invested in changes across its restaurants that keep both guests and the planet top of mind, including removing certain single-use plastics from restaurants, namely plastic cutlery*, stir sticks and straws. This change eliminated approximately 700 tonnes of plastics from the Canadian system annually.^ 

For more information on McDonald’s Canada’s Planet ambitions and specific areas of action, please visit:

*Excluding McFlurry® spoons 

^Based on 2018 to 2020 data 

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