Step Into Frost Way with The Kerwin Frost Box at McDonald's

Kerwin Frost Box


McDonald's gives fans around the world a fresh take on a classic unboxing experience with a favourite McDonald's meal and reimagined McNugget Buddies, starting December 11

Nov 29, 2023 - No matter how long it's been, McDonald's fans never forget the feeling of opening a Happy Meal® box to see the surprises inside. Last year, in the U.S., the brand gave guests the chance to relive that excitement as adults with the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box. Now, McDonald's is once again sparking nostalgic joy with the help of a visionary artist and some very special Buddies.

Introducing: the Kerwin Frost Box – a one-of-a-kind global collaboration with artist and lifelong McDonald's fan, Kerwin Frost – launching in Canada and other select markets around the world starting December 11.

The Kerwin Frost Box & McNugget Buddy Collectibles

The Kerwin Frost Box includes the choice of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets® or a Big Mac®, a medium World Famous Fries™, a medium fountain drink and a special McNugget Buddy collectible – coming back IRL for the first time in over 25 years. But this time, designed in partnership with Kerwin Frost.

Growing up in Harlem, New York, Kerwin found his McNugget Buddy collection to be a source of creative inspiration. So, it was only right for McDonald's to bring back the Buddies, and through them, introduce fans to "Frost Way" – where everyone is welcome to be exactly who they are. Complete with mix-and-match outfits, the Buddies' designs are inspired by Kerwin's childhood experiences and belief that everyone should feel free to express themselves. Meet the Buddies!

  • Kerwin Frost – The Mayor of Frost Way is a true champion of the citizens and encourages them to be themselves. In his free time, catch him adding art to his collection or fixing things around the neighbourhood.
  • Don Bernice – The Wise Stylist, an experienced fashion designer who creates all the outfits for the Buddies in Frost Way, while also offering stern advice and words of wisdom. After all, she is "don" – the very best!
  • Uptown Moe – The Neighbourhood Hero, the no-nonsense, street-smart, supportive guy from around the block in Frost Way who everyone knows and loves. He also gives the best motivational speeches on a whim.
  • Waffutu – The Curious Optimist, who grew up in Frost Way and was raised by the whole neighbourhood. She spreads positivity wherever she goes and can turn any frown upside down with the wave of a wand and tilt of a crown.
  • BRRRICK – The Cool Guy, the most adventurous Buddy in Frost Way who speaks in puns, loves trying new things and techno music. He's lowkey nervous, but always cool under pressure.
  • Darla – The Dreamer, a soft-spoken yet peacefully confident singer who moved to Frost Way to pursue her dream of becoming a superstar as the lead singer of "The Frostettos." When she's not on stage, she runs the local McDonald's in Frost Way – where she's employee of the month every month!

"The McDonald's brand has a long history of bringing nostalgia and joy to fans of all ages," said Alyssa Buetikofer, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald's Canada. "Our brand fans in Canada have repeatedly shown their love of collabs, which is why we're excited to be part of the Kerwin Frost Box to bring the reimagined McNugget Buddies back to life with a new look and a new fanbase."

The McNugget Buddies were first introduced in 1988 as part of a limited time Happy Meal featuring ten different McNugget Buddy collectibles. They're best known for their wacky adventures and personalities, wild imaginations and interchangeable outfits.

"I've loved McDonald's since I was a kid. I even had my own Ronald McDonald doll that I brought to picture day at school, and it was my dream to collect all the McNugget Buddies," said Kerwin Frost. "Now, coming up with my own special set of Buddies – each one representing different aspects of self-expression – it's unreal, a dream come true. McDonald's has been a great partner from day one, and they've truly allowed me to create without limits. I hope the Kerwin Frost Box will serve as a reminder for people to hone their creativity and not be afraid to show the world who they really are."

About McDonald's Canada

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About Kerwin Frost 

Kerwin Frost is an artist from Harlem, most well-known for his work within fashion and music. He is a creative director, a DJ, street style icon, and host of his own interview series. He is also a lifelong fan of McDonald's and has teamed up with the brand to bring the Kerwin Frost Box to life.

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