Goal 3: Be Transparent With Happy Meal Nutrition Information

By the end of 2022, ensure that nutrition information for Happy Meals is available and accessible through all owned websites and mobile apps used for ordering where they exist.


12 of the 20 major markets met the 2022 goal in Q2 2020, up from 6 markets in Q1 2019.

Goal 4: Market Responsibly

By the end of 2022, all Happy Meal bundles advertised to children will meet McDonald’s Global Happy Meal Nutrition Criteria and continue to meet any existing applicable local/regional advertising pledges.


16 of the 20 major markets met the 2022 goal in 2019.

Additionally, 100% of ads shown to children in 2019 featured water, milk or juice as the Happy Meal beverage and fruits, vegetables or dairy as a Happy Meal side.

Goal 5: Leverage Innovative Marketing

By the end of 2022, leverage innovative marketing to help increase purchase of foods and beverages that contain recommended food groups in Happy Meals.


16 of the 20 major markets sold an increased share of Happy Meal items containing recommended food groups in 2019 versus 2018.


1 U.S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, U.K. France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

2 It is important to note that our global System consists of both Company-owned and franchised restaurants. The franchised restaurants are operated by conventional Franchisees, developmental licensees (i.e., a Franchisee that operates most or all of the McDonald’s-branded restaurants in a specific market) or pursuant to other licensing arrangements, and make up the majority of McDonald’s-branded restaurants around the world. Our Franchisees make independent decisions for their own business organizations, subject to their obligations under the operative franchise or other license agreements and core standards required for the McDonald’s brand. McDonald’s does not prescribe all business requirements for our Franchisees, but rather we work in collaboration with them to raise awareness and provide tools and opportunities to assist them as part of the brand’s food journey. We also work with Franchisees to mutually set objectives and targets and to help monitor their related progress. As a result, while we will encourage Franchisees to participate in the important goals outlined in this document, we cannot guarantee their compliance. However, we can drive change in our Company-owned restaurants, so much of this work will start with Company-owned restaurants, with a plan to demonstrate success and expand measurement, and that will ultimately help to support independent Franchisees that choose to join us on this journey.

3|4 Available at most restaurants in contiguous U.S. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories.

National sandwiches only. Excludes local and limited time options.

14g of sugar vs. avg. 22g at leading quick service restaurants.

7 Purchases of Coca-Cola Classic switched to Coke Zero or Diet Coke.

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