Why watch the FA Superkicks videos?


Supercharge your kid’s play and learning. Football videos that get your children playing outside! Try a challenge, and learn a new skill.

Great Challenges

There are 100s of active and creative challenges to get your kids active. Whether your child is new to football or plays for a club, there are different levels making it easy to get involved.

Free and safe

The videos are FREE and ACCESSIBLE for all, and have been made with The FA's safeguarding guidance. 


By FA Coaches

The FA SuperKicks football videos are designed by FA coaches in conjunction with FA Education. The challenges are aligned with the England DNA.

Each of the activities and challenges have been designed to take place in a safe and suitable space, under parent or guardian supervision. As per the government’s guidelines, each activity should involve those in your home and not with people / friends outside of your household. If you are attempting these challenges in public spaces then please follow social distancing guidelines.

Family Hub

Our Family Hub has exciting interactive play and eBooks, there is something for everyone.