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Please see our Prizes page for details on the prizes available this year.



Question: What are the dates of the MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s?

Answer: It starts on 6th September 2023 and ends on 17th October 2023 inclusive.
You will be able to buy qualifying menu items by going to a participating McDonald’s Restaurant and to start playing the Collect To Win, Instant Win games from 09:00am on 6th September 2023. The ROI Monopoly Game will open at 09:00am on 6th of September 2023 and end on 17th October at 23:59:59.

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Question: When do I have to make my prize claim?

The last day to claim your food and non-food prizes is 31st October 2023. Please check the Rules for full details of all the dates. Stick them in your diary to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Question: Who can play the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI?

Answer: We would love to be able to let everyone play but unfortunately there are restrictions.

  • You must be aged 18 or over;
  • Republic of Ireland residents only;·      
  • Must not be directly associated with McDonald’s or indirectly associated through a company assisting McDonald’s with the Promotion, or indirectly associated through a family or household member.

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Question: I am under 18 – can I still buy menu items which qualify for a game pieces label, even though I can’t play?

Answer: Yes, however, you are not allowed to play and you can’t sell or give away your MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI Promotion label or game pieces. If you try to do so, your game pieces will become invalid.

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Question: Why do I have to be 18 to play the game?

Under the promotional Rules, only eligible people can play the game and claim prizes. This means you must be 18 or over, an ROI resident and not an employee or family member of a McDonald’s employee or its promotional partners and agencies. Most qualifying menu items come with game pieces attached to promotional packaging to make sure that all eligible customers get their game pieces. Anyone who isn’t eligible for any reason can still purchase items if they want, although they will not be able to participate in the game.

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Question: Where can I play the Monopoly game at McDonald's?

Answer: You can participate in the Monopoly promotion at any McDonald’s restaurant in Ireland, or by ordering food via McDelivery with Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. Peel your game piece from your promotional packaging and enter your unique code into the McDonald’s app via the MONOPOLY banner in order to play the game! Log in/ create an account in the app in order to play.

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Question: Is there any other way to play?

Answer: The only way to play the game online will be via the McDonald’s app. For iOS users, you can download this from the App Store or for Android users via the Google Play Store. Log in/ create an account in the app in order to play. You can find out more information on the promotion by visiting, however you will not be able to play the game on this website.

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Question: Do I need to register in the McDonald’s app to play the Monopoly game?

Answer:  Yes. If you haven’t already, download the McDonald’s app, register or log in. Once you have registered/logged in, you can play by clicking through the MONOPOLY banner and navigating to different sections in the experience.

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Question: My login doesn’t work, what do I do?

Answer: Please check the details you have entered. Please make sure the email address is correct, and that the password you have entered matches the criteria in the app. Once you have entered your details, you will need to verify the log in attempt by entering the 6-character code that is sent to your email address.

Forgot your password? Follow the steps in-app to reset it.

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Question: What is a game piece and where can I find them?

Answer: Individual game pieces are what you use to play the game in the McDonald’s app. You’ll find a game piece attached to selected menu items served on promotional packaging. Each promotional packaging comprises 1x game piece (the bits you peel off to play) with 1x unique code and instructions on how to play in-app.

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Question: Do I have to make a purchase to get a game piece and which menu items do I have to buy?

Answer: : Yes. Game pieces are only provided with the following qualifying menu items

SINGLE REVEAL – Game Piece on Packaging

  • Medium Fries
  • Large Fries
  • Flake Raspberry or Flake Chocolate McFlurry®
  • Mozzarella Dippers or Mozzarella Dippers Cheese Sharebox®

DOUBLE REVEAL – Game Piece on Packaging

  •  0.4l Soft Drink
  • 0.5l Soft Drink
  • McCrispy®
  • McSpicy®
  • Chicken Selects® - 3 or 5 Pieces
  • Big Tasty®
  • Big Tasty® with Bacon
  • McPlant®
  • Any Big Flavour Wrap
  • Caramel Iced Frappe
  • Mango & Pineapple Smoothie
  • Frozen Strawberry Lemonade  

DOUBLE REVEAL – Game Piece Provided Separately

  • The Spicy Veggie One Big Flavour Wrap
  • Chicken & Bacon Salad or a Chicken Salad
  • Side Salads*
  • Vegetable Bags*
  • Fruit Bag*
  • Any carbonated soft drink or non-carbonated bottled drink or hot drink*   

*Only valid when purchased as part of a meal.

Please note:

(i)     The provision of any Game Piece which is not as advertised and is made at a restaurant (1) for an item which is not a qualifying menu item, or (2) for any other reason, shall in each of these cases be deemed to have been made by the relevant server for that restaurant in the server’s discretion and does not give rise in the same or similar circumstances to a right to the same or other favourable treatment for any other person; and

(ii)     Beverages affected by the Government’s Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tax are subject to an additional charge which is included in the prices shown in restaurants.

(iii)    Not all qualifying items are served in every McDonald’s outlet, such as Big Tasty items at the outlet in Northside Shopping Centre, McCafé Iced range-items, other restaurants with a limited menu; and

(iv)    All outlets may (with or without notice) have to limit or otherwise vary their range of qualifying menu items, Game Pieces-awards, serving hours and/or purchasing-channels, due to the direct or indirect impact on McDonald’s of supervening events beyond its control.

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Question: Where can I buy qualifying menu items to get a game piece?

Answer: All restaurants will stock qualifying menu items at the start of the promotion and will continue to aim to do so until the end of the Promotion, unless stocks run out earlier. However, please note: Big Tasty®, Big Tasty with Bacon and McCafe® Iced range items are available in most restaurants but are not available at “limited menu restaurants”. For further details, ask in restaurant or see Rules.

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Question: Can I order qualifying menu items via McDelivery?

Answer: Yes. Order McDelivery via Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat, and you can order any of the qualifying menu items.

Please note that supply of game pieces is always subject to availability. So, if your restaurant temporarily runs out at any time, or if towards the end of the promotion some types of qualifying menu items start to run out of MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI game labels altogether, you may not receive the game pieces that you hoped for. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to find out if this applies to the items you wish to order without going to a restaurant and asking a Crew Member in person before placing your order at the restaurant and all types of remote order via McDelivery or via delivery companies do not guarantee availability of games pieces.

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Question: Will the game pieces run out at a McDonald’s restaurant and why does this happen?

Answer: McDonald’s has carefully estimated demand when producing the total number of game pieces and then allocating them to the different types of packaging for menu items. But it’s always likely that some items will be more popular than expected and that others will be less so and that this situation will change from restaurant to restaurant. As a result, it’s not possible to say for how long a particular restaurant will have stocks of game pieces for particular menu items.

We deliberately don’t over-print game pieces at the risk of increasing the number which are left over at the end of the Promotion.

Customers wishing to obtain MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI game labels towards the end of the Promotion should check at the customer’s selected restaurant which qualifying menu items are most likely still to be supplied with game pieces, before placing an order.

If the promotion proves more popular than anticipated it’s likely that more restaurants will run out of game pieces for more items. We will then try to help by giving guidance at as to which types of items are most likely still to be available at restaurants, although this is not a substitute for asking in person at your local restaurant or check the page for more information before ordering McDelivery via Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. All types of remote order via delivery companies do not guarantee availability of game pieces because real-time availability can only be checked at each restaurant. So any customer only wanting to place an order for menu-items if still carrying game pieces, should visit a restaurant and place the order whilst there and only after checking availability with staff.

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Question: What do I do with my game piece once I’ve peeled it from promotional packaging?

Answer: Please keep your game piece(s) safe, as, if you win, they may be required as part of verifying a prize claim.

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Question: How do I enter my code?

Answer: Manually enter the unique 10-character alphanumeric code from the game piece into the field provided on the Monopoly Game in the McDonald’s app.

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Question: How many unique codes can I enter in a day?

Answer: You can enter up to 12 codes per day. If you have reached the daily limit, don't worry! Just come back to the app the next day to enter more codes up until 17th October 2023.

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Question: I have a code from a previous MONOPOLY Promotion. Can I use it?

Answer: No. Every year is a brand new game, and game pieces must only be used for the yearly promotion and country they have been produced for. We can only accept game pieces and their codes from the 2023 MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s Restaurants of Ireland.

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Question: Problems Entering MONOPOLY game at McDonald’s 2023 ROI game?

Answer: What to do will depend on the type of problem - troubleshooting help as follows:

  • I can’t register or log in – If trying to register, ensure the details you have entered are correct and valid and that you don’t have an already existing account. If trying to log in, ensure it’s the correct email address you used to set up the account. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the steps in-app to reset it. 

  • The MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI pages aren’t displaying properly in the McDonald’s app – please ensure you have the latest version of the app is installed on your mobile device. Once updated, if you continue to have issues, please email the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI Customer Services team at

  • Lost connection whilst playing - If you happen to lose connection at any point, re-enter your code in the required field via the McDonald’s app while logged in with the same account you previously entered with. If you lost connection after submitting your code we may have already processed your entry. You can track the dates you have entered codes in the “History” tab of the “My Wallet” page.

  • Continued connectivity problems - If you continue to have connection problems you may need to contact your service provider or, if you are certain it is an issue with the McDonald’s app, please email the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI Customer Services team for assistance at Please check your smartphone’s internet connection first, particularly if you experience slow game loading speeds.

  • The app says the code is invalid? - There could be a few reasons why your code is appearing to be invalid, please try the following:
         o   You have the right code, but entered it incorrectly. TIP: please double check the code on the game piece and re-enter, and be sure not to enter any spaces or special characters.
        o   You have the wrong code. TIP: make sure the code you are trying to enter is a 10-character code.
        o   Your code has already been entered. You need to keep your game pieces safe even after entering your code, so keep a note of which ones you’ve entered and do not share it with others. If you’re still not sure, email us for assistance at

  • Question: I have a faulty game piece, what do I do?

    If your game piece or MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI label is already damaged when you receive it in restaurant, you must immediately point this out in the restaurant. It is the manager's discretion to replace it with an undamaged one. Unfortunately, any issue can’t be rectified after leaving the restaurant.

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Question: Why are pages within the McDonald’s app not loading properly?

Answer: There could be a number of reasons for this. Please try the following

  • Check if your internet access is currently connected. Try using your device’s troubleshooting function if there are problems.
  • Ensure you can access other apps online.
  • Please check you have the most up to date version of the app installed.

If you continue to have problems please email the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI Promotion Customer Services team at

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Question: Why do I have to answer a question?

Answer: Answering the question is a legal requirement to participate in the Monopoly promotion at McDonald’s in Ireland.

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Question: What happens if I get the answer wrong?

Answer: If you answer your question incorrectly you will not be able to use that code again. Enter another code and answer the question correctly for a chance to play!

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Question: Do I get more than one chance to answer the question correctly?

Answer: No – you must answer the question correctly the first time, otherwise you will lose the ability to use that code.

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Question: What happens if I get the answer right?

Answer: Once you have entered your code accurately and have correctly answered the question, your Monopoly play will be revealed!

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What are the different ways to play the MONOPOLY game at McDonald’s 2023 ROI?

Answer: Each of the following games can be played this year:

  • Instant Win Game
  • Collect to Win Game

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Question: What types of prizes can I win?

Answer: Entering a game piece code and answering the skill-based question in the Monopoly Game via the McDonald will give you a chance to reveal:

  • a)     Instant Win
    A range of Instant Win prizes which can be claimed in the Monopoly game via the McDonald’s app.
  • b)     Collect to Win
    A MONOPOLY Property. Complete a set comprising of the 2, 3 or 4 Properties from the same Property Set to win a range of Collect to Win prizes. Your collected Properties will be instantly banked in the Monopoly game every time you reveal a property.

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Question: Where can I redeem my MONOPOLY game at McDonald’s food prize?

Answer:  You can redeem your food prize offers won in the Monopoly game at any participating restaurant in the Republic of Ireland. It is not possible to redeem food prizes via kiosk or via McDelivery orders taken by Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. If you have a winning food voucher-prize you can only redeem it in a restaurant at the counter or drive-thru by showing your activated food prize offer in App to a Crew Member. No other method of redemption is permitted.

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Question: How do I redeem my food prizes?

Answer:  You will find the food prize offer in the ‘Offers’ wallet in the McDonald's app. Tap the offer and follow the steps in app to activate your offer. Once activated, you will have 10 minutes to redeem the food prize offer. After that the food prize offer expires and you will not be able to redeem this again. We recommend you activate your prize when you are with the McDonald’s Crew member to ensure your prize doesn’t expire.

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Question: Do you do anything to make sure that game pieces are given out fairly?

Answer: Yes. McDonald’s is applying a Fair Ordering Policy, which enables restaurants to take action if, for example, it seems that individuals are buying menu items without any intention of consuming them, just to get a disproportionately large number of game pieces. Please see the Rules for more details.

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Question: How do I collect my properties?

Answer:  You can collect properties by entering the unique code on your game piece and answering a skill-based question in the Monopoly game in the McDonald's app. You will have a chance to reveal a property which will be stored in your property wallet in the monopoly game – you can view these and monitor your progress in the “My Properties” page. Once you have collected a full set, you can claim your prize by navigating to the “My Wallet” page and following the steps in app.

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Question:  What do I do with my game pieces after a claim?

Answer:  Once a game piece code has been used, it can’t be used again. NOTE: you need to keep your game pieces even after you’ve used them as McDonald’s may ask to see your game pieces as part of the verification process or prize claim. Remember to keep your game pieces safe and private so that no one else can use the game piece or code. To make sure they’re kept private – don’t share photos of them on social media sites or with anyone else.

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Question:  I think I have won. How do I claim a prize?

Answer:  This depends on what game and what type of prize you’ve won

    Collect a complete property set via the McDonald’s app and submit your claim via the McDonald’s app by 31st October 2023. Depending on the prize, it will be either sent to the address you provided at the time of entry, you will receive an e-mail with your fulfilment code(s) and redemption instructions, or you will be contacted by the prize partner to arrange prize delivery. This will usually be within 30 days of receipt of your claim, subject to verification.

    For the €20k Cash, €2,000 holiday with TUI, HP Omen Gaming Laptop, Currys €500 Voucher, and LG OLED TV + LIONSGATE+ One Month Subscription prizes, you will be sent digital declaration documents via email (sent via DocuSign) which you will then be required to sign and complete. In some cases, you may also be required to send your game piece(s). These must arrive to the Redemption Centre by no later than 17th November 2023. Your claim will then be verified and further contact made as explained in the Rules. See the Promotional Rules for further details.

    Collect a complete brown property set (Crumlin and Kimmage) via the McDonald’s app, and claim the Collect to Win food prize via the McDonald’s app.

    Please note:
    o   Only food prizes can be redeemed at McDonald’s restaurants.
    o   Food prizes cannot be redeemed when ordering McDelivery via Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat.
    o   Only 1 food prize can be redeemed per person in any 4 hourly period.
    o   None of the menu items described in a food prize offer can be swapped for any other menu item. You can find a full list of food prizes in section 4 of the Rules.

    You can claim prizes as soon as you have won them by following the steps in-app. If you do not claim your prize straight away, you can do so later by navigating to the “Prizes” tab of the “My Wallet” page.

    Your food prize will be automatically added to the “Offers” section of your app. Follow the steps in the app for how to redeem your food prize in restaurant via the counter or Drive Thru. You have up until 31st October 2023 to claim any food prizes.

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Question:  How soon will I receive my prize?

Answer:  This can differ depending on the prize won; check the Rules to find out more. For most prizes other than food or discount voucher prizes, please allow up to 30 days for us to deliver your prize to you. If you do not receive your prize within this time, you can email the MONOPOLY Promotion at McDonald’s Customer Service Team at

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Question:  Do I still need to keep my game pieces after claiming my prize?

Answer:  Yes! McDonald’s may require to see them to verify your claim. Verification can take place even after notification that an award is being made. Please take care not to damage your game piece – it will become void for all purposes if you do.

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Question:  Problems with claiming?

Answer:  What to do will depend on the type of problem:

  • If you won and submitted your claim online, but did not receive a claim email - Please check your junk mail folder. If your email is still not found after 24 hours please send your email address and winning code to the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI Customer Service team at for further assistance.

  • If you didn’t fill in your bank details and don’t know if or how you will receive the money - If you have won a cash prize, you must enter your bank details in order to receive the prize money. If you have not completed your claim, you can do so by navigating to the “Prizes” tab of the “My Wallet” page. You must claim your prize by 31st October 2023, otherwise your prize will lapse and you will no longer be able to receive your prize. NB: if for any reason the bank transfer could not be completed, you will be sent a cheque for the prize value to the address you provided during the claim process.

  • If you submitted the wrong bank details in error - Unfortunately it’s not possible to change your account details once submitted and we can’t accept responsibility for this. However, if the error meant that no transfer could be made, then you will be sent a cheque for the prize value to the address you provided during the claim process.

  •  If you don’t know how to identify the restaurant of purchase - The Restaurant field will auto-complete restaurant name suggestions as you type to help, just start typing the area where the restaurant is located and you will be able to choose from the possible options. If you can't recall the restaurant at all, you can use the "not sure" option or leave this field blank.

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Question:  Gold card - what do you win?

Answer:  McDonald's Gold Card - A meal per week for a year, redeemed as weekly offers via McDonald's app.

The deadline for claiming your Gold Card prize – 31st October 2023.

Gold Card Offer:

  • Consumers will get a choice of a 3-part combo (Main+ Side + Drink) to include the following:
  • ANY Sandwich (Include Wraps, Salads, Normal Sandwich’s and Promos)
  • ANY Side (Cheese, Medium Fries, Side Salad, Fruit Bag etc…)
  • ANY Medium Drink (Shakes, Blended Ice, Hot Drinks etc…)
  • Consumers can choose to take their free meal offer at either breakfast or main day

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Question:  Can I buy a Gold card separately?

Answer:  Unfortunately you can only win one via the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI.

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Question:  I have ordered McDonald’s food via McDelivery and have a problem. What should I do?

Answer:  If your problem relates to the MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI, please check these FAQs to see if it is dealt with and, if not, you will find our contact details at the end of these FAQs. But if your problem relates to any other matter, please look at the “Help” section on the relevant delivery app or website.

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Question:  Do people really win?

Answer:  Of course! Visit the app to see how many prizes have been won so far. The number of prizes claimed so far will be updated daily at 9:30am during the promotion.

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Question:  How accurate is the data of the prize claims announcement shown on in the McDonald’s App and other media?

Answer:  The prize claim announcement is updated daily at 9:30am. The data will be correct as of 12:00am that day.

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Question:  How can I find out about how my personal data will be managed, should I provide any?

Answer:  Please refer to the McDonald’s Privacy Statement for more information on how we handle your data. You can find this at

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Question:  Is it possible to claim a prize through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok?

Answer:  No, to claim a prize follow the instructions in app or check the Rules. Do not share your MONOPOLY game pieces on social media.

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Question: Where can I find all the latest MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI at McDonald’s news and updates?

Answer:  For the latest MONOPOLY promotion at McDonald’s 2023 ROI news, follow us @McDonaldsIRL on Twitter, and @McDonaldsIRE on Instagram. Any important news or updates will also be shown at

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Question: My question hasn’t been answered by any of these FAQs, so what do I do now?

Answer:  You can make contact with the McDonald’s Customer Services team by sending an email to

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