McDonald's Canada Statement on Nutrition Information


TORONTO, ON (September 12, 2012) - McDonald’s Canada recognizes the leadership of our U.S. colleagues who have moved to unveil its menu board labeling initiative in all U.S. restaurants in advance of the final U.S. Federal regulations.  

As a trusted global company, we strive to recognize the unique needs of the local markets we serve around the world.  With regard to nutrition information in restaurants the conversation has progressed differently in Canada than it has in the U.S.

McDonald’s Canada is actively working with all levels of government, NGOs and industry stakeholders to develop an appropriate “Made-in-Canada” solution to displaying comprehensive nutrition information that is easily accessible to customers prior to purchase.  McDonald’s Canada is a long-time industry leader in providing nutrition information having introduced our first Food Facts brochure more than 30 years ago, a first in our industry.  

As part of this ongoing commitment, McDonald’s Canada already provides comprehensive nutrition information, through multiple in-restaurant touch points such as posters, trayliners and selected packaging as well as our online nutrition calculator and mobile app. Customers today can make informed choices based on 13 core nutrients, not just calories.

As a leader in the Canadian foodservice industry, we will continue to work on a national, industry-wide approach to providing nutrition information in restaurants that helps our customers to meet their individual dietary needs and preferences.

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