W5 Program "Behind the Barn Door"

McDonald's Restaurant


TORONTO, ON (October 21, 2016) - Contrary to recent media reports or allegations made by Mercy for Animals Canada, McDonald’s Canada does not source eggs from Kuku Farms or any Alberta farm mentioned in W5’s recently aired program, “Behind the Barn Door.”
Recent media reports have inferred a link between the farms referenced in W5’s story and McDonald’s Canada. This implied connection is concerning to McDonald’s Canada and we want to reiterate the following, which was communicated in our statement to several media outlets:

  • McDonald’s Canada does not source eggs from Kuku Farms or the other Alberta farm mentioned in W5’s recently aired program. The company sources no eggs from the Province of Alberta.
  • We care about the humane treatment of animals and believe they should be free from cruelty, abuse and neglect.
  • Abuse is never tolerated in our supply chain and McDonald’s has strict policies in place concerning the treatment of animals that our suppliers must adhere to at all times.
  • McDonald’s standards and policies cover critical areas such as feed, water, air quality and humane treatment.   
  • We work with our suppliers and outside experts to continuously improve our standards and practices, both within McDonald’s and across the industry.

For more information on McDonald’s animal welfare practices, please visit: McDonald's Animal Health & Welfare

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