Do you cook different meat and fish products in the same oil?

May 21, 2018

The fish in the Filet-o-Fish® is cooked in a dedicated fish vat, and we filter the cooking oil in the vat to keep it in good condition. During the filtering process, it's not possible to completely remove all traces of oil in the equipment. It's therefore possible that tiny traces of the vegetable oil used to cook the chicken products may come into contact with the vegetable oil used to cook the fish products. Beef and pork products, however, are not cooked in any vats. It's worth noting that the Red Pepper & Pesto Dippers used in our Spicy Veggie Wrap, Happy Meal Veggie Wraps and Vegetable Deluxe has been approved by the Vegetarian Society, and the patties are cooked in 100% vegetable oil in separate vats from our Chicken and Fish products