How do your waterless urinals work?

May 22, 2018

As a business, we're keen to minimise our impact on the environment. As part of this, we're always looking at new ways to reduce our water consumption in restaurants. The waterless urinals which have been installed in over 750 of our restaurants are a good example of how we're doing it. Here's how they work:

Our waterless urinals use a patented drain tap that doesn't use any water. They don't use any chemicals or oils to replace the water used in normal urinals, and as a result, help us save 150 million litres of water every year.

Waterless urinals also reduce odours. Water in normal urinals helps to encourage bacteria, which can result in unpleasant odours. Our waterless urinals stop those bacteria from growing. This keeps nasty smells to a minimum and there is also a siphon which prevents any odours from escaping.