It’s back!Great Tastes of the World

Bringing you four incredible burgers – The French Stack, The Swiss Stack, The Brazilian Stack & The Jamaican Chicken – inspired by countries from around the world.

The French Stack

Two succulent beef patties topped with creamy garlic mayo and served in a garlic bun. Deliciously rich. Available from 26th September – 9th October.

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The Swiss Stack

Two succulent beef patties layered with smoky bacon, all drizzled in Emmental cheese sauce. Rich and creamy. Available from 10th October – 23rd October. 

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The Brazilian Stack

Two succulent beef patties topped with smoky bacon and a generous dash of chilli & lime sauce. Deliciously zesty. Available from 24th October – 6th November.

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The Jamaican Chicken

Two crispy strips of tender chicken topped with pepperjack cheese and our sweet and spicy jerk sauce. Available from 26th September – 20th November.

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Spicy Nacho Cheese Wedges

A portion of 5 nacho cheese wedges with jalapenos, in a crispy nacho coating. Served with a sour cream & chive dip.

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Smarties® McFlurry®

Soft dairy ice cream, swirled with crushed Smarties Mini and a chocolate sauce.

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