McDonald’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Promotion Terms and Conditions

These are the rules for the McDonald’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Promotion (the “Promotion”) (“the Rules”):

1. The Promotion is promoted by McDonald’s Restaurants Limited, 11-59 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 8AW (“McDonald’s”) and is subject to these Rules. By participating in the Promotion, each entrant agrees to be bound by these Rules.

2. The Promotion is open to entries from UK (including Northern Ireland) residents aged 18 and over.

3. The following are not eligible to participate:

        (a) employees of McDonald's, McDonald's franchisees and employees of McDonald's franchisees and their immediate families;

        (b) employees of any company responsible for redemption of prizes or for supplying prizes for the Promotion and their respective franchisees, subsidiaries, agents and advisors;

        (c) other persons assisting with this Promotion or otherwise professionally connected with the Promotion; or

        (d) any person entering via an agent or using the services of or which is an entity carrying on the business of entering (or advising on entering) prize promotions.

4. The Promotion consists of prize draws detailed in clause 10 below.

5. Entries for the prize draws open at 00:01am on 26th September 2022 (the “Start Date”). The closing date for all draws is 23:59pm on 18th December  2022 (the "Closing Date"). Entries received after the Closing Date will be void.

6. To enter the Promotion, entrants must complete the entry form at (the “Site”).

7. The Promotion is free to enter and no purchase is necessary.

8. McDonald’s reserves the right to validate any claim and may ask for proof of identity and/or address and/or age.

9. All entries must be made directly by the person entering the Promotion.  Entries made using methods such as a computer macro, a script or the use of automated devices or processes are not allowed and all such entries will be disqualified. McDonald’s is not responsible for changes in entrants' postal address or e-mail addresses.

10. The Promotion consists of three prize draws, as follows

(Prize Draw One))

        (a) First prize draw: A chance to win one of the following prizes:

               (i) 1 of 50 Paladone FIFA World Cup Official Trophy Collection Metal Water Bottle | Stainless Steel Bottle with Lid 500ml 16 fl oz, Multicolor;  or

               (ii) 1 of 50 FIFA 2022 World Cup 750ml Aluminium Bottle with folding straw,

(Prize Draw Two);

     (b) Second prize draw: A chance to win one of the following prizes:

              (i) 1 of 10 JD Sports gift cards with a value of  £75 (“JD Sports Gift Card”). Voucher T&Cs apply (see paragraph 12 for further information); or  

             (ii) 1 of 10 FIFA World Cup Football Training Sets.

(Prize Draw Three).

     (c) Third prize draw: A chance to win one of the following prizes:

             (i) 1 of 50 adidas World Cup 2022 Al Rihla League 350 Footballs; or

             (ii) 1 of 50 adidas AL RIHLA CLUB FOOTBALLS Pantone / Black.

11. The following draw dates shall apply:

      (a) Prize Draw One shall be drawn at 23:59pm on 31st October 2022. To be eligible to win a prize in connection with Prize Draw One, entries must be received between the Start Date and by 23:58pm on 31st October 2022;

     (b) Prize Draw Two shall be drawn at 23:59pm on 30th November 2022. To be eligible to win a prize in connection with Prize Draw Two, entries must be received between the Start Date and by 23:58pm on 30th November 2022; and

     (c) Prize Draw Three shall be drawn at 23:59pm on 18th December 2022. To be eligible to win a prize in connection with Prize Draw One, entries must be received between the Start Date and by 23:58pm on 18th December 2022.

12. The T&Cs that apply to the JD Sports Gift Card are set out on JD Sports’ website: JD Gift Card shall expire on 30h November 2023. 

13. Reserves may also be drawn which will only be capable of being redeemed if the original winner does not redeem their prize and/or McDonald’s cannot validate their entry and/or the entry is voided in any way. The provision of reserves does not imply any obligation on McDonald’s to re-award any prize-claim that has lapsed or become void for any reason. 

14. Prizes are randomly allocated to winners by McDonald’s. For example, a winner in Prize Draw One will be randomly allocated which prize they receive.

15. The winners of each of the prize draws will be selected on the dates indicated in paragraph 11. Winners will be notified (by e-mail) not later than twenty-one (21) days of after the dates on which each of the prize draws have concluded (the “Notification Email”). Winners must confirm all relevant details required by McDonald’s within seventy-two (72) hours of such Notification Email in order to redeem the prize. If a prize fails to redeem the prize in accordance with this clause 14 and/or the Rules and/or any of McDonald’s other instructions in connection with the redemption of the prize, McDonald’s reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to rule the entry and related prize void and invalid to select another potential winner. McDonald’s will within twenty-eight (28) days of a winner’s redemption of the prize in accordance with this paragraph 14 arrange for delivery of the prize to the winner’s residential address (as provided). 

16. The winners will be selected at random from all valid entries received by the dates on which each of the prize draws are to be drawn. The draw will be made from all valid entries at random under independent supervision or via a computer programme producing a verifiably random draw.

17. There is no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. McDonald's may substitute a product deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value in the place of any of the prizes.

18. All entries and any related material must be free from sexist, racist, defamatory, obscene, anti-religious, homophobic, bullying, harassing, violent, sexual or otherwise unacceptable content in the sole opinion of McDonald’s. McDonald’s reserves the right to review, edit, alter or remove any entry in its sole discretion, which does not comply with these Rules or which it reasonably believes does not comply with these Rules.

19. McDonald’s reserves the right to exclude any entries which it believes to be fraudulent or based on misconduct, or if, in its reasonable opinion, it considers that there is a significant risk that the entrant may bring the McDonald’s brand into disrepute.

20. McDonald’s reserves the right to amend, terminate or temporarily suspend the Promotion if, in its absolute discretion, it considers it necessary to do so. McDonald’s shall not exercise this right unreasonably.

21. No responsibility will be accepted by McDonald’s for incomplete, invalid or illegible entries and these will be declared void in the sole discretion of McDonald’s.

22. If using a computer and/or internet-access which is not owned or paid for by the entrant, the entrant is reminded to get the owner's permission before entering. McDonald’s will not be liable for any internet or mobile connection or other charges incurred in entering the Promotion.

23. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) McDonald's and its agents and/or commercial partners assume no responsibility and are not liable for: (i) the accuracy or otherwise of any prize description or illustration; (ii) (where applicable) the non-availability, loss, late receipt or damage of any text, prize-claim, prize or notification or other communication and whether by reason of mobile-telephone network-operator error or other problem, failed or corrupted transmission, handset failure (including full or unserviceable inbox) or otherwise; (iii) (other than those warranties or conditions implied by statute and which cannot be excluded) any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee in respect of a prize; or (v) any taxes, fees, charges or other costs which winners may be required to pay in connection with a prize, (save to the extent expressly accepted by McDonald's in the rules). Nothing in these terms and conditions will limit the McDonald's' liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for fraud, or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law. This does not affect entrants' statutory rights.

24. McDonald’s does not guarantee continuous uninterrupted access to the Site. Numerous factors outside the control of McDonald’s may interfere with the operation of the Site. No responsibility will be accepted for any technical or other difficulties in entering or any entries delayed or corrupted.

25. McDonald's will process all personal data in accordance with McDonald's privacy policy, in particular McDonald's: (i) will not collect more of the entrant's personal information than needed for the purpose of administering and analysing this Promotion (including carrying out security checks as stated) and for posting features on its website which are informed by one or more entry-submissions; and (ii) will only use the entrant's personal information for those purposes (and such use may include transferring the entrant's and nominee’s personal information to McDonald's respective associates (e.g. The Marketing Store) and / or any third-party fulfilment company on behalf of McDonald's behalf for the purposes of distributing the prizes for McDonald's Promotions). McDonald's retain entrant's data for 28 days and a winner's data for a maximum of three months. In addition to the foregoing, McDonald's may process further information relating to entrants to the extent they separately receive communications from McDonalds and / or have opted in receiving marketing messages (in which case personal data will be sent to McDonald's third party providers such as Armadillo and/or Alchemetrics for sending newsletters). Any such processing shall be in accordance with McDonald's privacy policy.

26. Any enquiries about personal information held by McDonald's, including any request for deletion of personal data, may be made by contacting the Customer Services number which is notified on the Contact Us section of for UK.

27. Subject to clause 28 and 29 and without prejudice to McDonald's data protection obligations under relevant law, McDonald's shall make available, upon receipt of a written request to our Customer Services team at for UK the winner(s) surname and county or such other information McDonald's deems necessary.

28. Entrants to the Promotion shall, at or before the time of entry, have the right to object to all or some of their personal information being made available in accordance with clause 26. You can object by contacting our Customer Services team at for UK.

29. Without prejudice to clause 26 and 28 above, McDonald's shall provide the information set out in clause 27 upon request from the Advertising Standards Authority.

30. These Rules shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England but is subject to the mandatory local law protections for consumers, and the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.


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