Make Your Own Binoculars

Remember, don't look at the sun!

Build a Bird Feeder

Grab a juice carton and let's go!

Design a Draughts Board

Egg boxes at the ready!

Create a Treasure Chest

Lots of painting ahead!

Craft Your Own Puppets

Give cereal boxes a new personality!

Smurfs Happy Meal box.

Look who’s taken over our Happy Meal box!

The Smurfs have turned the Happy Meal box into one of their mushroom houses! Can your little ones spot their favourite Smurf?

Handy Smurf, Smurfblossom, Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Brainy Smurf toys.

Which Smurf toy will your child discover?

Your child can join Papa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette, Blossom and many more on their adventure when they choose a toy with Happy Meal®. Your child can also get creative with a different ‘Smurf Hack’ in each box!

Two Smurfs books.

Discover the adventures of The Smurfs

What will Farmer Smurf do with all those weeds, and how will The Smurfs deal with a litterbug? Your little ones can find out by choosing a Happy Meal book.

Whale drawing in a tablet.

Discover even more fun on the Happy Meal® app!

Help your little one explore their creative side with exclusive activities and games, only on the Happy Meal app!

Smurf Hats

Something is incomplete. Can your little one draw a hat on the three Smurf friends?

Colouring The Smurfs!

It’s time for your little one to get creative with their colouring pens. Add a splash of colour to The Smurfs! 

McDonald’s Happy Meal® Service Messages

End date

The current scheduled end date in restaurants (subject to availability in each) for The Smurfs Happy Meal is

If McDonald’s has had to make unscheduled changes for restaurants in the UK in relation to Happy Meal campaign dates, serving hours, menu items or services in response to external adverse events, these are set out below.

We are currently experiencing shipping delays that affect our Smurfs Happy Meal book supply. You may be offered alternative books from a different range until this issue is resolved.

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