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Wondering how to place an order or pick-up an order?

Get the full scoop on Mobile Ordering right here only with the My McD’s® app.

Before you place your order.

Learn how to download, register and activate our app, add
your payment method, and turn on your location services.

  • Before you place your order step 1.

    First, download, register
    and activate the My
    McD’s® app, so you can
    access exclusive offers,
    and features like Mobile

  • Before you place your order step 2.

    Tap on the top left
    navigation, then tap on
    your name. From here,
    simply set up your payment
    method by adding your
    Credit or VISA* Debit or
    Debit Mastercard® info.

  • Before you place your order step 3.

    Make sure to accept the
    prompt to turn on your
    phone’s location services.
    We’ll use your current
    location to provide offers,
    find nearby restaurants
    and enable Mobile

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Placing your order.

Find out how to use an offer, how to use the menu and
customize specific menu items. Plus, “favourite” these
items for next time.

  • Choosing your order.

    Select the menu bar in the top left corner and tap “Order.” Or on the homepage, slide down to the Mobile Ordering card and tap “Start an Order.” From here, browse the menu and add what you want to your basket.

  • Customizing your order.

    Once you select the menu item, tap on “Customize”, which is below the price. Add or remove ingredients as you like, such as butter, cheese, pickles and more. Once done, tap on the “Save” button.

  • “Favourite” your items.

    You can also “favourite” specific menu items, plus preferred restaurant locations for next time.

  • Using an offer.

    Once you’ve added your order, you’ll be taken back to the menu where you can add the applicable offer, too. After you’ve added your offer, submit your order.

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After you submit your order.

Get the scoop on our unique check-in process and why
it’s so important.

  • After you submit your order step 1.

    After you’ve submitted your order make your way to the restaurant, check-in and choose how you want to pick up your order.

  • After you submit your order step 2.

    Once you’re near the restaurant, you’ll get a notification to check-in. But you can also manually check-in by selecting the “I’m Already Here” button.

  • After you submit your order step 3.

    Make sure you check-in so we can start preparing your food hot and fresh. Only then will your order and payment be processed.

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Picking up your order.

Once you’re near the restaurant, you’ll receive a notification
to check in on our app. You then choose how you want to pick up
your order.

  • Picking up your order step 1.

    Curbside Service
    Just check-in and enter the number of your parking stall and we’ll bring your food to you. So you can stay in the comfort of your own car.

  • Picking up your order step 2.

    Table Service
    Just check-in when you arrive and enter your table number. We’ll bring your food right to you as you catch up with friends, or get the family settled in.

  • Picking up your order step 3.

    Front Counter Pick-Up
    Just check-in when you arrive, watch for your order number to appear on the pick-up screen or listen for a crew member to call-out your number, then grab your order and go.

  • Picking up your order step 4.

    Just tell us your order number when you arrive at the speaker box and we’ll take care of the rest. So you can drive up with your meal choices already decided.

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*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

®/TM Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.