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You can now swap fries out for a Fruit Bag, or add one in for just 49p! Our Happy Meal is always changing to make sure you love it as much as your kids do.

Happy Meal box

"We want to make sure you love our Happy Meal® as much as your kids do"


Let's start with salt. We've reduced the salt in a typical Happy Meal® by 52%*, down to just 0.84g compared with 1.75g in 2003.

*Compared with 2003, the total amount of salt in a typical Happy Meal® (Chicken McNuggets, Fries and Fruit Shoot) has been reduced by 52%.

Drinks and Fruit

We’ve also increased choice on the menu. Fries can be swapped for fruit bags or carrot sticks and you can add a fruit bag for 49p. We’ve also introduced organic milk, or water, and less than a quarter of Happy Meals are now sold with a sugary fizzy drink**.

**Compared to over half in 2000.

Saturated Fat

By carefully formulating a blend of non-hydrogenated sunflower and rapeseed oils, we’ve reduced the saturated fat in our restaurant cooking oil by a whopping 83%***. Pretty good news, right?

***Compared with the oil used in 1992, which was made up of 46% saturated fat.

Happy Readers® Books

Our Happy Readers® commitment has put 43 million books into the hands of kids since 2012 and helps to make reading fun for families.

There are also book vouchers on every Happy Meal® box to redeem a children’s book for £1 in participating WH Smiths and Eason's. Or for the more digital-savvy, a free eBook download from kobo.com.

British and Irish Farms

And, just like the rest of our menu, any beef in our Happy Meal® comes from UK farms. It's always 100% whole cuts of beef, from the forequarter and flank, prepared by butchers with just a pinch of salt and pepper added after cooking. The same goes for our chicken - it's just chicken breast meat.

So, you see, there's a lot in our Happy Meal® to make you happy, as well as your kids.

And that's good to know.

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