We now want to make an even bigger positive impact in our communities, by opening doors to jobs, dismantling barriers and ensuring our team from restaurants to boardroom is inclusive and as diverse as our communities.


Opening doors to jobs

Our commitment and goals

We will help our communities gain new skills and open doors through training, work experience and equal employment opportunities.


By 2024 have a youth worker in every restaurant.


By 2025, have supported 3,000 apprentices.


By 2030 help one million people gain new skills and open doors to jobs.

Our communities need the skills and talents of every one of us – whatever our background. We understand that not everyone has the same start in life, so we’ve set a goal of helping one million people into training, jobs or new opportunities by 2030. To us, that’s not just a number. That’s one million lives that we can help to change for the better.

Helping 1 million people into training, jobs or new opportunities.

As we work towards our goal, we will provide support with ‘Get Job Ready’ resources – helping individuals develop employability skills. We’ll also launch a restaurant work experience programme. 

Giving young people confidence and skills

Our careers work in schools also opens up possibilities for pupils.

Through our presence in towns and cities across Ireland and the UK, we have always sought to help people access opportunities and make the most of their potential. We’ve done that by providing flexible working and almost €50million worth of training. Our new Plan for Change means we will do even more.

Since 2006, our apprenticeship programme has supported over 19,500 employees to complete an apprenticeship, providing an opportunity to develop new skills and open up career progression opportunities in our business. In 2022, we launched our apprenticeship programme in Ireland and have ambitions to further increase diversity across our programme to enhance representation within the communities in which we serve.

In our local communities we aim to support youth services through every restaurant, making a difference to young people by giving them confidence and skills that they can take forward in life and work. Our careers work in schools also opens up possibilities for pupils.

We're one of Ireland's top employers

McDonald’s Ireland was recently named in the Top 150 Best Employers in Ireland, based on an independent survey commissioned by the Sunday Independent.

Our focus on great people extends to our supply chain as well. We work with over 23,000 Irish and British farmers, helping them through our Farm Forward programme to build sustainable businesses, for themselves and for the planet.

It’s not just about people who are already farmers either. By 2030, we will kick-start over 100 careers in food and farming for young people from diverse backgrounds through our McDonald’s Young Talent programme.

From crew member to team manager

Shauna joined the team in the McDonald’s Temple Bar restaurant in 2012 as one of the new restaurant’s first crew members. Starting work part-time while she was still in secondary school, Shauna continued to work in McDonald’s throughout her time in college. Rising through the ranks from crew member, Shauna now holds the title of first assistant manager. She is also currently the acting Business Manager of the Temple Bar restaurant and hopes to secure this position as the next step on her career ladder. 

Shauna’s seven years in McDonald’s has taught her a range of life-skills as well as providing her with invaluable business experience. From decision making and leadership skills to business management and development knowledge, McDonald’s has had a significant impact on Shauna’s personal and professional growth. 

For Shauna, working in McDonald’s is all about the people. Customer satisfaction is central to her role. She enjoys getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures and has learned how to be a more empathetic and effective communicator as a result. 

The career progression curve in McDonald’s is also a huge attraction for Shauna to remain with the company. Shauna’s long-term career aspiration is to some day become a franchisee herself! Franchisee James Perry has had a huge influence on her career and she hopes to one day follow in his footsteps and run her own restaurant. 

"If somebody was to tell me five years ago that I was going to be a business manager looking after a team of 50 people, I would have said no way. McDonald’s is a great employer because it offers people opportunities and it empowers people by sending them on courses."

- Shauna, Business Manager, Dublin

Inclusive and diverse

Our commitment and goals

From our senior leaders to our restaurant teams, we will reflect the diverse communities we are part of and stand up for individuality and equality.


By 2024 we will work with our supplier partners and franchisees to advance social inclusion through a Mutual DE&I Commitment.


By 2025 40% of participants in our new corporate placement and internship programme for our restaurant employees will be from underrepresented groups.


By 2030 reach and maintain gender balance within our senior leadership roles and ensure 40% of all senior leadership roles are held by people from underrepresented groups.


We’re really proud of the McDonald’s family which welcomes everyone. We stand up against prejudice, exclusion and social and economic inequality. We champion individuality and fair treatment in access, opportunity and advancement for all. From our restaurants to our senior leaders, we are committed to reflect the diverse communities we serve, across our business. We will use our unique position to support people to succeed and grow with us – whatever their background.

      Business Manager

90% of our Business Managers began in our restaurants

A third of our senior leaders and 90% of our Business Managers began their careers in junior roles within our restaurants. So they know just where a McDonald’s start can take you.

By 2030, our goal is that 40% of all corporate leadership roles are held by those who are from underrepresented groups – whether racial or ethnic, sexual diversity and gender identity, socio-economically disadvantaged, or physical and mental disability.

We are also asking our suppliers to join us on this mission, by signing a mutual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitment. By using our influence beyond our own business, we are helping to break down barriers to opportunity.

Ensuring gender balance

From restaurants to head office, we have a zero percent gender pay gap in our business, with women making up 48% of our roles and 43% of our senior roles. Our goal is that by 2030 we will reach and maintain gender balance within our senior leadership roles by ensuring gender parity at all levels of our talent pipeline.

Creating career opportunities

We are opening doors to restaurant employees to work in our corporate business through a placement and internship programme. And we continue to invest millions on training and development to help all our people shine.

The people behind our plan


"I really love the variety of people you meet. I’ve learned a lot of skills on the job, but I do find communication is the most essential skill. As an Assistant Manager, it’s so important to understand what’s going on in the restaurant or how people feel.”

Graham Kelly, Dublin

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