How we’ll achieve it

We’re challenging ourselves to lead change across four key areas: Planet, People, Restaurants and Food. That means aiming to achieve net zero emissions across our entire business and value chain. Championing great people, whatever their background. And sourcing quality, sustainable ingredients that provide healthier and tastier options. All served in restaurants that are built for the future closing the loop on waste.

We’ve set out goals in each of our focus areas to help guide our actions. We will measure and share our progress against these because we know how important it is for us to deliver and to be clear on how we are doing – as every change we make, adds up to a lot.

Our Plan on a page

Download a PDF of our Plan for Change.



Net zero standards and definitions

Take a look at the technical standards and definitions for net zero

Our Plan for Change definitions

Find out more about what we mean by some of the language in our Plan.



The detail behind our Plan

All our commitments and goals in one place.


Planet Positive 

Climate positive

We will aim to reach net zero emissions by 2040 across our entire business and value chain to have a positive impact on climate


By 2030, achieve net zero emissions for all our restaurants and offices.


By 2040, achieve net zero emissions for our entire business and value chain, working with our suppliers and franchisees to have a positive impact on climate.

Nature positive

We will lead the way in championing sustainable practices and harnessing innovation, to protect forests and promote soil health, biodiversity and water management to have a positive impact on nature.


By 2023 launch our nature positive programme in order to scale innovative nature-based solutions.


By 2025 have regenerative agriculture initiatives in each of our priority supply chains to promote soil health, water management and biodiversity.


By 2026 soy used in our ingredients and in the animal feed in our supply chain will be deforestation free.


By 2030 the global McDonald’s business will have eliminated deforestation from our supply chains.


* Product scope includes soy sourced for feed of livestock used in McDonald's products. It also includes soy used directly as an ingredient in McDonald's products.

Find out more at our Planet Positive page 

Great Food

Sustainable sourcing

We will source quality ingredients produced by progressive farmers to leading animal welfare and environmental standards.



By 2023, develop a Plan for Change Scorecard in collaboration with independent experts, to expand and embed ethical and sustainability criteria in our sourcing decisions.


By 2025 support resilient livelihoods and sustainable outcomes through McDonald’s Farm Forward, benefiting over 23,000 Irish and British farmers.


By 2025 engage 10 million families, and connect them to farming, nature and the future of sustainable food.


By 2030, have kick-started over 100 careers in food and farming for young people from diverse backgrounds through our McDonald’s Young Talent programme.

Delivering more choice

We will lead by helping customers make healthier choices that don’t compromise on taste, convenience or price. 



From 2021, conduct ongoing positive behaviour change research and implement findings across our order channels to inspire our customers to make more balanced choices.


By 2022 launch the McDonald’s Nutrition Innovation Council, to create recipe reformulations and innovations that support more balanced choices that taste delicious.


By 2022 develop nutrition criteria in line with recognised guidelines, working with advice from the British Nutrition Foundation, to better define the choices we offer on our menu.


By 2023, help customers to navigate our menu by refreshing our menu signposting and nutrition labelling.


By 2025 have a market leading vegan plant-based food and drinks offering.


By 2026, a minimum of 50% of our products available across the total of our restaurants, excluding promo products, will meet our nutrition criteria.


Find out more at our Great Food page 


Great Restaurants 

Net zero standard restaurants

We will aim to transition all our restaurants to a UK industry net zero emissions standard from construction to use.


From 2022 launch our first UK industry net zero emissions standard restaurant and create a blueprint for freehold new builds.


From 2023 furniture in new and refurbished restaurants will be made with recycled or certified materials and designed to be recycled or reused at end of life.


By 2030 achieve net zero emissions for all our restaurants and offices.


Find out more about how we define the term 'Net zero standard' and 'Climate net zero'.

Closing the loop on waste

We will create a circular system where our packaging and waste has a second life.



By 2024 our customer packaging will be made from renewable, recycled or certified sources and designed to be recyclable or compostable.


By 2027 give the waste collected from our restaurants a second life by recycling, reusing or composting.


By 2030 reduce the amount of material used across packaging in customer and kitchen areas in the McDonald’s system by 20% versus 2020.


*annual reduction compared to 2020

Find out more at our Great Restaurants page.

People Positive

Opening doors to jobs

We will help our communities gain new skills and open doors through training, work experience and equal employment opportunities.


By 2030

Help one million people gain new skills and open doors to jobs.

Inclusive and diverse

From our senior leaders to our restaurant teams, we will reflect the diverse communities we are part of and stand up for individuality and equality.




By 2024 we will work with our supplier partners and franchisees to advance social inclusion through a Mutual DE&I Commitment.



By 2025 40% of participants in our new corporate placement and internship programme for our restaurant employees will be from underrepresented groups.



By 2030 reach and maintain gender balance within our senior leadership roles and ensure 40% of all senior leadership roles are held by people from underrepresented groups.


Find out more at our People Positive page.

Other key reports and policies

Modern Slavery Statement

Human Rights in our Supply Chain

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