Working With Canadian Farmers To BuildA More Sustainable Future

For over a decade, McDonald’s Canada and Canadian Farmers have partnered to produce beef sustainably. Today, it’s our Mighty Angus Burger*. In the future, it’ll be every burger at McDonald’s restaurants in Canada. We’re all committed to it, and we invite you to learn all about it.

Not A Flash in The Pan

McDonald’s Canada invites you to have a closer look at our commitment to sourcing sustainable beef. Go behind the scenes to meet the researchers, scientists, environmentalists, and ranchers making it all possible.

Mini Amazon Rainforest

The Grasslands are one of the most important ecological systems in Canada. One of the biggest misconceptions is that raising cattle is bad for them, and we want to show you that’s just not the case.

It Takes Partnership

At the heart of our journey toward sourcing sustainable beef, you’ll find The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Our partnerships are what make this all possible, and we proudly present to you their story.

Our Ranch is Their Home Too

The animals mean everything to us. They’re our livelihood, and ensuring they’re cared for, healthy, and making them as comfortable as possible everyday is our top priority.

It’s All About Family

There’s a reason these ranches have been intact for generations, and it’s because it’s all about family.

Taking the Lead

McDonald’s Canada is leading the way forward on a journey toward beef sustainability. Here’s the National TV Commercial that helped us kick it all off.

Order ahead

We’re on a journey for a more sustainable future.

What is sustainable beef? At McDonald’s Canada, it’s a commitment. A commitment to ensuring we preserve Canada’s most valuable resources for future generations to come. To look after the land, to care for animals, and to provide the best quality food we possibly can without compromise.

This isn’t the easy road, it’s the right road. As we move forward, side by side with our partners from the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Ducks Unlimited Canada, WWF, Nature Conservancy of Canada, academia, government, food and agricultural business and Canadian ranchers and farmers, we are all changing the industry for the better one step at a time. Which is something we are proud of, our partners are proud of, and all Canadians can be proud of too.



John E. Betts
President & CEO
McDonald’s Canada



Beef Sustainability

Just another of the many ways we continue to make the delicious, craveable food we’ve always been known for.

*At least 30% of McDonald’s® Angus beef is from certified sustainable sources, according to the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef standards.

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