Reducing Our Impact

McDonald’s® aspiration is to source all of our food and packaging sustainably.

Sustainable Goals

Environmental Impact

The majority of environmental impacts to air, land and water occur in the McDonald’s supply chain. That’s why we work directly with our suppliers who are committed to doing business responsibly in their own supply chains and making sure that they meet our requirements for ethics, environmental responsibility and economic viability – what we call the Three Es.

Sustainable Goals

Deforestation-Free Packaging

Wood fibre is used in the creation of our consumer packaging, from sandwich wraps and fry boxes to takeout bags and tray liners. One of our 2020 sustainable sourcing goals is to source 100% of our fibre-based packaging from recycled or certified responsibly managed forests where no deforestation occurs.

McDonald’s uses an internal global scorecard tool called the Eco- Filter to help inform our packaging decisions. McDonald’s works with suppliers to ensure that wood fibre used in our supply chain originates from legal and acceptable sources. We will not knowingly purchase from suppliers that source otherwise.

A Better Plastic

Less Plastic for McCafé® Cups

McDonald’s worked with packaging supplier HAVI Global Solutions to transition to Clarified Polypropylene (CPP) for McCafé® beverage cups, delivering environmental benefits while maintaining performance. The CPP package uses 20% less material compared to polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

reducing pesticide

Reducing Pesticide Use by Potato Growers

Working with the Integrated Pest Management Institute, the National Potato Council, and growers in the U.S. and Canada, McDonald’s helped develop a comprehensive audit process that analyzes the use of pesticides, as well as fertilizer and water, on crops.


Where our Food Comes From

We source our quality ingredients from local suppliers and the world’s most trusted brands.

Trusted Partners
Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Our commitment to animal welfare begins with the McDonald’s Global Animal Welfare Guiding Principles.

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