Vegetarian and Vegan

We have options suitable for vegetarian and vegan guests’ diets. These are just a few of our favourites.
Our menu is always evolving, so check our Nutrition Calculator for details of our latest menu additions.


Fries and Hash Browns

Our World Famous Fries™ and hash browns are go-tos for our vegetarian and vegan guests. Since 2007, we’ve made them without any animal-sourced ingredients. We cook them in 100% vegetable oil, in a dedicated fryer separate from our meat items.

baked apple

Baked Apple Pies and Apple Slices

Both snack items are made without any animal sources. Note that some other baked pie flavours that we offer throughout the year may not be suitable for vegan diets, so check our Nutrition Calculator to ensure our current offering is right for you.

hold the meat

Hold the Meat

We’re happy to customize our sandwiches and salads to not include meat or chicken. Please consult our Nutrition Calculator to ensure the remaining ingredients work for your specific diet.



Menu choices without a gluten source.

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