Reports on human and environmental rights

McDonald's takes very seriously its responsibility to respect and promote human rights and to act with due diligence to ensure that we do not violate the human rights of others and to address human rights violations when they occur. We have set this out in our Human Rights Policy.

Our Code of Conduct describes the principles we require all our employees to follow in their daily work. Likewise, as part of our Supplier Code, we require that our suppliers adhere to the same standards and principles.

If you observe or notice a violation of our policies, it is important that you report these incidents as soon as possible.

The McDonald's Business Integrity Line is open to you for this purpose:

All channels are open to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

McDonald's strictly prohibits retaliation of any kind against anyone who reports violations. This includes any action threatened or taken either directly or indirectly in response to a complaint. McDonald's will treat all inquiries confidentially to the fullest extent possible and within the bounds of the law, and will maintain the confidentiality of anyone who reports a possible violation or contributes information to an investigation. Therefore, do not be afraid to provide your name as this will help us in our investigation. However, you may also submit your report anonymously to the extent permitted by law.

Who can contact the Business Integrity Line?

The McDonald's Business Integrity Line is generally open to anyone who suspects, is aware of, or is affected by violations of our principles.

What violations can be reported to the Business Integrity Line?

You can report all forms of violations related to our Principles, our Human Rights Policy, our Employee Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code. Upon receipt, McDonald's will investigate whether a complaint/warning is related to our principles.

What does it cost to use the Business Integrity Line?

The usage is free of charge.

What language can be used to make complaints?

The Business Integrity Line is available in 39 different languages. Calls or messages can be transmitted in the user's own native language. It is ensured that the message or call is answered by someone fluent in that language.

Can complaints be made anonymously?

All complaints will be treated confidentially as a matter of principle. You always have the option to remain anonymous as well. However, it is often more difficult for us to effectively investigate anonymous concerns. If you choose to remain anonymous, our system will provide you with a case number that you can use to check the status of your complaint.

What information do we need from you?

We need all the details about the incident from you. The more details you can provide about the incident, the easier it will be for us to process your complaint / alert. This includes information on where and when the incident occurred, what measures have already been taken and how you know about the incident. You may choose to provide this information anonymously. However, it is sometimes more difficult for us to effectively follow up on anonymous concerns.

You may voluntarily provide your contact information, your relationship with McDonalds, and information about other parties involved or informed, such as witnesses.

What happens with a complaint?

The Business Integrity Line is managed on our behalf by NAVEX Global, an external firm experienced in handling sensitive calls. NAVEX will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and forward it to McDonald's Global Compliance team. In the case of substantiated complaints, the Global Compliance team will initiate investigations. Other departments may also be involved in the investigation and resolution of the case, depending on the facts of the case. We strive to resolve complaints as promptly as possible and work toward resolution.

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