From refreshing semi-skimmed

We know the quality of milk is important, so every drop of our milk is sourced from UK dairy farms. And, in every frothy coffee, satisfying tea, warming porridge and Happy Meal® milk bottle, we only use semi-skimmed organic British milk. Our use of organic milk even won us the 2017 Compassion in World Farming Good Cow Commendation. Not bad, eh?


To tasty whole milk from the UK

Our McFlurry®, milkshakes and sundaes use 100% British and Irish whole milk, sourced from Red Tractor assured farms.


Our most essential ingredient

We believe that farmers are the most essential ingredient in our products, that’s why we have invested three quarters of a million pounds to support British dairy farms through a capital grant scheme. The grants enables farmers to further improve animal health and welfare and reduce the carbon footprint of organic milk production. This work in association with Arla and our Sustainable Dairy Supply Group received a Judges’ Special Award at the Industry Cream Awards last year.


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