Refreshing milk

We know the quality of milk and welfare of dairy cows is important. In every frothy coffee, satisfying cup of tea, warming porridge and Happy Meal® milk bottle, we only use semi-skimmed organic milk from UK farms. It’s our use of organic milk that won us the 2017 Compassion in World Farming Good Cow Commendation. 

Our most essential ingredient

We believe that farmers are the most essential ingredient in our products. That’s why in 2019 we invested three quarters of a million pounds to support British dairy farms through a capital grants scheme. The grants enable farmers to further improve animal health and welfare and reduce the carbon footprint of organic milk production. This work, in association with Arla, received a Judges’ Special Award at the Industry Cream Awards in 2019.

Row of cows eating hay with the organic dairy network logo.

Organic Dairy Network

We work with 65 UK Organic Dairy Farmers who make up McDonald’s Organic Dairy Network. By sharing best practice and learning from industry experts, we can work together to continuously improve sustainability on the farm.

Striving to put nature first

Today, over 80% of plants and flowers and at least 30% of what we eat relies on pollination. Agriculture, people and entire ecosystems remain dependent on pollinators, and in particular, the honeybee. That’s why we’re working with some of our organic dairy farmers and Arla to build hives for British bees on farms.


Flagship framers, Mike and Will, in a field.

Meet the Flagship Farmer

Read how Mike and his son Will run their organic dairy farms in Dorset.

Discover more about our food 

Rainforst with Rainforest Alliance Certified logo.

We only use 100% Arabica coffee beans

Image of potatoes.

It’s British potatoes that make our famous fries


*does not include Iced Latte product.

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