We’re changingFARMING

for the better

The future of farming

In order to make the food that we’re famous for, we rely on over 23,000 British and Irish farmers. We’re committed to both their futures and the future of the farming industry which is why we work closely with them, building relationships and investing in research which aims to change farming for the better.

Always Farm Forward

We created Farm Forward after consulting with over 1,500 farmers in the UK. It’s an agriculture programme with three big aims; developing skills and knowledge, raising animal welfare standards and making environmental improvements. By constantly talking to the farmers we work with, we make sure Farm Forward is always relevant and useful to them.

Developing skills and knowledge

Our Progressive Young Farmers Programme aims to give young farmers a great start in their career. We also recognise our star suppliers with the Outstanding Farmer of the Year Award. It’s a thank you to the farmers making big steps to look after the people that work for them, the welfare of their animals and the environment.

Progressive Young Farmers Programme

Every year we give six young farmers the chance to spend 12 months getting to know every part of our supply chain. They follow our products from the farms we use, right through to our restaurants. They’re also mentored by a farmer who supplies us with beef, chicken, potatoes, pork or dairy to give their budding career a real boost.

Meet our Outstanding Farmers

Find out more about the big steps taken by our outstanding pork, chicken and potato farmers recognised in 2017.

Nuffield Farming Scholarship

We were the first major retailer to enter a partnership and develop our own scholarship with the Nuffield Farming Trust who offer travel scholarships. The McDonald’s Scholar enters an overseas programme that researches new techniques to help make farming more sustainable.

Oxford Farming Conference Scholars

We’ve worked with the Oxford Farming Conference for the last 6 years. This long-term partnership has allowed us to create a programme for over 50 of their scholars, helping to bring them together at the event.

Raising animal welfare standards

We know animal welfare is important to you. It’s also a big deal for us. As one of the biggest restaurant chains in the UK, we use our size to make a positive impact on the way animals are treated. We only deal with suppliers who meet our high standards.
We only cook free-range RSPCA Assured eggs at breakfast. We also only use organic semi-skimmed milk from UK dairy farms for all our teas, coffees and Happy Meal® milk bottles.

Making environmental improvements

We’re always pushing ourselves to do even more. We’re a founding partner of FAI Farms, who create sustainable farming practices for the food industry. Every year we invest in a programme designed to improve the welfare of animals and the impact of farming on the environment. And that’s better for all of us.

We’re working to cut our carbon footprint

When it comes to McDonald’s, you think beef. We’re famous for our burgers. But we also want to be known for how sustainable our beef production is. That’s why we funded a £1 million study into carbon reduction on beef farms in the UK and Ireland. The farms involved every year saw their carbon emissions reduce by over 23% during the 6 year study. It’s just one of the ways we’re becoming more sustainable.

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