McDonald's Spring Wins: Terms and Conditions

Spring Wins Food Offers:

  1. A different offer will be made via the app each day during 29th March - 11th April 2023 inclusive (each an “Offer”). Each Offer will vary and details of each Offer (“Offer Details”) will be as set out in the ‘Offers’ section of the McDonald's app.

  2. Eligibility: To be eligible to receive each Offer, you must:

    a.     be 16 years old or over;

    b.     have downloaded, registered, and signed-in via the McDonald's app; and

    c.      have this offer in the 'Offers' section of your McDonald's app.

  3. Each offer is only valid for the period specified in the Offer Details. Offers are not automatically added to your order. To redeem each Offer you must:

    a.       activate the offer by pressing the ‘Redeem’ button on the offer page in the ‘Offers’ section of the McDonald’s app; and

    b.       scan the resulting QR/barcode on the offer page at the kiosk or cashier point at a participating McDonald's restaurant prior to making payment.

  4. Once activated on the McDonald’s app, each Offer can only be redeemed for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes this Offer can no longer be redeemed and will automatically expire.

  5. Subject to each participating McDonald's restaurant's opening hours. Serving times apply.

  6. Each offer is only valid for restaurant or Drive-thru orders. It is not valid for items ordered via McDelivery®.

  7. Each offer is one-time use per customer only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Each Offer does not apply to any other McDonald's items which may be ordered for which full payment will be required. Each Offer cannot be used to contribute towards payment for an Extra Value Meal or to pay for an Extra Value Meal in full.

  8. No cash or other alternative is available. Your usual data charges apply.

  9. McDonald's app terms and conditions apply and are available at

  10. McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland Limited will reasonably decide whether a customer has already redeemed this offer and its decision is final. 

  11. Promoter: McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland Limited, 14-16 Mary Street, D01 DH59, Republic of Ireland.

Offer is subject to availability. Participating McDonald's restaurants only.

Spring Wins Food Offers: Prize Draw

Special Terms

The McDonald’s App Spring Wins Prize Draw (“Draw”): The Draw is promoted by McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland Limited (“the Promoter”) and is subject to these provisions (“Special Terms”) and to the General Prize Draw Terms and Conditions (“General Terms”) stated below (collectively “Terms”).


Duration: One Draw will run each day during the 14 day promotional period 29th March 2023 to 11th April 2023. Each day the draw will open at 12.00am and closes 11.59pm. Entries received after the  closing date and time for a Draw shall not be entered in to the Draw.


Eligibility: Entries to each of the 14 Draws may only be made by an eligible person being a person who:

a.          has received a promotional tile within their registered account on the McDonald’s app (“App”), and

b.         is aged 16 or over and is otherwise eligible under the Terms (“Entrant”), and

c.          is a Republic of Ireland resident.


How To Enter: Entry is made by an eligible person:

a.          entering their full name, email address, phone number and address into the entry form accessed via a promotional tile on the McDonald’s app,

b.         accepting the Terms and entering by clicking the promotional tile in the App when a Draw is open for entries, and

c.          otherwise complying with any other eligibility and entry requirements on the App and in these Terms.


Entry Limit: There is a limit of one entry, per day into each Draw per Entrant. Winning entrants will not be able to enter into any Draw that follows the draw in which they won a Prize.


Prizes and Prize-Conditions:

There are 2,562 prizes of “McDonald’s Merchandise” to be won, with each winning draw comprising of 1 of the following prizes:

PRIZETotal QtyDrawn per day
(14 total)

McDonald’s Merchandise – Towel (‘red fries’)26619
McDonald’s Merchandise – Towel (‘melted cheese’)19614
McDonald’s Merchandise – Socks (‘Fries, BM & Cold Cup’)846
McDonald’s Merchandise – Socks (‘fries’)56040
McDonald’s Merchandise – Tote bag82659
McDonald’s Merchandise – Cosmetic bag54639
McDonald’s Merchandise – Gloves141
McDonald’s Merchandise – Cold Cup
Sub total2562183

Delivered to the address provided in the winner’s entry form.

Each Prize can only be delivered to the winner’s address submitted in the Draw entry page in the App by the winner. Should a winner submit an invalid address or fail to follow other instructions of McDonald’s at any stage of a Draw and Prize fulfilment process (whether or not communicated via an agent), this may result (in the Promoter’s sole discretion) in the Prize being forfeited and withheld and the winner’s claim being judged void for all purposes. Any right to an alternative offer or compensation will not be available.


Notification of a Prize-award:

Each winner of a Draw will be sent an email notification to the email address used to enter the Draw within 48 hours of each days draw ending (11.59pm) until the last Draw on the 11th of April 2023. They will be notified of what Prize they have won within the email notification.




1.           Special Terms

The Special Terms shall incorporate these General Terms and shall be stated on the website or other location stated in the Special Terms or as otherwise notified. All instructions, rules and conditions on any advertising or promotional materials relating to this promotion form part of the Terms. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the Special Terms shall prevail over the General Terms and both shall prevail over all such other instructions, rules and conditions. Expressions which have been defined in these Terms shall have the same meanings when used in such other instructions, rules and conditions wherever the context admits


2.         Participants

You must be a Republic of Ireland resident to enter. The following are not eligible to participate: (i) Employees and immediate family members of employees of any of McDonald's Restaurants Limited ("McDonald's"), its franchisees, licensees, subsidiaries, agents and advisors, (ii) other persons assisting with this promotion, (iii) any person not being an individual person, (iv) any syndicate or collection of persons acting in concert, (v) any person using the services of an entity carrying on the business of entering (or advising on entering) prize promotions and (vi) any such entity.

Any requirement upon an entrant to provide an address as a condition of entry, for the receipt of a Prize or for any other purpose stated by the McDonald’s, shall not be satisfied for the purposes of these Terms unless it’s the entrant’s residential address which is valid for receiving deliveries.


3.         Entries

a.          Entry is only possible through the McDonald’s App. There is no alternative method of entry.

b.         McDonald’s makes no charge for entry to any Draw in this promotion.

c.          Entries require an internet connection. The Entrant’s normal data charges will apply.

d.         Unless otherwise stated in the Special Terms, there is a limit of one entry per person, per day.


4.         Conduct of Draw

All valid entries for the promotion will be collated and will compete for the Prizes described in the Special Terms. Each daily draw will take place within 48 hours after the last date for entering per day, or as otherwise stated in the Special Terms. The winner or winners will be the first valid entry or entries drawn at random on the date the draw is conducted. Where there is more than one prize available, the number of winners will be determined by the number of prizes available for that draw and where there is more than one type of prize, the prize-types will be allocated by McDonald’s (the order being determined by McDonald's in its sole discretion).

In the event that any winning entry later proves to be invalid or adjudged void then McDonald’s may re-award the relevant Prize as it sees fit (but shall not be obliged to do so; specifically, the drawing of one or more reserve entries for any draw shall not of itself imply any obligation for McDonald’s to award a Prize to a reserve entry should a winning entry become invalid or adjudged void.


5.         The Prize(s)

The Prize or Prizes will be as described in the Special Terms. If McDonald’s wishes to increase the prize pool during a promotion it may (but shall not be obliged to) do so. Prize descriptions are illustrative and not definitive.

Prizes may not be exchanged, encashed or transferred. Prizes comprising more than one element are not divisible; all elements must be taken at the same time.

Winner's Prizes will be dispatched by post to the address provided in the Draw entry form.


6.         Prize Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, there is a limit of one Prize per person and their immediate family and household.

Any costs which it may be necessary or desirable for the winner and any permitted companions (if applicable) to incur in connection with a Prize and which costs are not expressly stated in the Special Terms as being included within the Prize shall be the sole responsibility of the winner and/or permitted companions.


7.          Notification of a Prize Award

a.          McDonald’s will send Prizes and/or emails giving notification of a Prize-award by the time stated in the Special Terms or, if none, within 30 days of the closing date for entries. If McDonald’s chooses to contact the winner by phone in addition to the sending of a notification email, this will be in McDonald’s discretion and won’t affect the winner’s obligation to respond to McDonald’s notification email(s) as stated nor McDonald’s right to treat its notification email(s) as fully discharging all winner-notification obligations under these Terms.

b.         If a Prize is sent by registered, recorded or other signed for mail or courier (which McDonald’s will determine in its sole discretion and without prior notice), it is the entrant’s responsibility to enable timely delivery or make timely collection-arrangements from the postal or courier service.

c.          Any failure to comply with McDonald’s directions in any emails giving notification of a Prize-award or in any other communication by McDonald’s, shall be a breach of the Terms resulting in that winner’s entry becoming void and the Prize claim becoming invalid.

d.         Each Prize is awarded conditionally upon the winner and (if the Prize is to be shared by the winner and one or more companions) each companion accepting the terms and conditions of the Prize provider or, in the case of more than one contractor being involved in the provision of a Prize, the providers. Details of such terms and conditions of the providers for a particular promotion may be obtained within 30 days of the closing date for entries of the relevant promotion, by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to McDonald's at the address below marking the envelope with the name of the promotion.

e.          All unawarded or unclaimed prizes will lapse if not awarded or if awarded but not collected or retained (whether due to failure to sign for delivery or otherwise) within 2 months of the Draw or 1 month from the end of any scheduled delivery date (whichever is later).


8.         Responsibility

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) McDonald's and its agents assume no responsibility and are not liable for (i) the accuracy or otherwise of the Prize description or illustration, (ii) any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee in respect of a Prize (other than those warranties or conditions implied by statute and which cannot be excluded), (iii) the non-availability, loss, late or non- receipt, damage, illegibility or non-readability of a Prize notification or other communication sent in connection with this promotion, (iv) verifying whether the person awarded a prize is the person entitled to claim that Prize, (v) any taxes, fees, charges or other costs which winners may be required to pay any time in connection with a Prize, (save to the extent that McDonald's has expressly and specifically accepted responsibility on the Site).


9.         Privacy

Please see for details of our Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy.


10.    McDonald's Rights

McDonald's may (i) extend any time limit or waive any of the Terms where a person might otherwise have been disqualified (without obliging McDonald's to relax the Terms in any other case whatsoever), (ii) terminate, suspend and/or extend this promotion at any time due to supervening circumstances beyond McDonald's control including (but not limited to) technical or operational problems with the Site or for any fact, matter or circumstance which (in McDonald's opinion) adversely affects, or may adversely affect, the proper, fair or secure conduct or operation of any aspect of this promotion or its administration, (iii) substitute a product deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value in the place of any of the Prizes, and (iv) treat any of its rights under the Rules as having been granted for the benefit of McDonald's and such of its subsidiaries, holding companies, fellow subsidiaries, franchisees, licensees agencies and commercial partners as McDonald’s determines is relevant to any aspect of the promotion.

McDonald's decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of its rights or discretions in connection with the Terms shall be final and binding.


11.      General

a.          All age limits shall be deemed to be actual age as at the time of acceptance of the Terms, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms.

b.         McDonald’s may alter all relevant dates for this promotion if required by McDonald’s due to circumstances outside the reasonable control of McDonald’s make it unavoidable. Check this site during this promotion for details of any changes.

c.          McDonald’s may (in its discretion) publish an  anonymised list of Prize winners on its website. Winner’s understands that McDonald's may (but shall not be obliged to) contact the winners during the promotion or for up to 90 days afterwards to provide the winner with the option (without obligation) of featuring in McDonald’s marketing (including on its website, in email-newsletters and/or on posters), in terms of the reproduction of the winner’s name, image, locality and/or prize-award details in relation to McDonald's, this promotion and/or any other promotion or offer.

d.         McDonald's (and any Prize supplier) may carry out such background checks and require such information as it considers necessary or desirable for the purposes of verifying eligibility or the validity of any entry and any Prize may be withheld unless and until McDonald's is satisfied with the verification.

e.          Should McDonald’s determine based on the evidence in its possession at any given time that a person is misusing or tampering or attempting to misuse or tamper with the proper conduct of this promotion (and whether or not that person has submitted an entry and is otherwise in breach of the Terms), then McDonald’s may adjudge (in its sole discretion) that such person is ineligible to take part in this promotion and every other promotion or offer of McDonald’s and may direct that every entry, claim and request by that entrant is to be automatically void or invalid.

f.            Any entry will be void (unless otherwise directed by McDonald’s) having deemed it (in McDonald’s discretion) (i) to be incomplete, damaged or unreadable or (ii) to have been made by an ineligible person or (iii) to have failed to comply with these Terms.

g.         For any entry which is or becomes void, any corresponding Prize claim shall become invalid and in consequence McDonald’s may withdraw or cancel any Prize notification or award and oblige the entrant to (i) forfeit all rights to the Prize (ii) (if McDonald’s deems this to be applicable) return the Prize at the entrant’s expense in the same condition as awarded and (iii) accept that no right of compensation shall arise.

h.         McDonald’s may (in its sole discretion) (i) decline to enter into any correspondence save as otherwise stated in these Terms, (ii) alter these Terms during the Draw to the extent it considers necessary or desirable to maintain and preserve the integrity and reputation of the Draw or the fair, effective or secure operation of the Draw, and (iii) perform any stated function in these Terms via an agent and the entrant shall be required to accept such performance as if it was directly by McDonald’s.

i.             Reference in the Terms or any promotional advertising, material or communication to any person as a “winner” or which otherwise expresses or might imply that a Prize has been won, shall not thereby imply a waiver of any Prize-claim/verification processes relating to the award of that Prize or of McDonald’s rights under the Terms to withhold the Prize, require its return or cancellation (if already awarded), to adjudge the Prize-claim as void for any or all purposes and/or to rule the entrant as ineligible for this and/or other promotions.

j.             Nothing in these Terms shall affect your statutory rights.

k.          By entering this promotion you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and to be bound by the Terms and to their interpretation under Republic of Ireland law and by the Republic of Ireland courts.


All McDonald's references marked with a ® are registered trademarks of McDonald's Corporation. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. ©2023 McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland. All rights reserved.


Promoter: McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland, 14-16 Mary street, Dublin, D01 DH59


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