New U.S. Franchise Restaurants

Find out what it takes to own and operate a new McDonald’s franchise.

Acquiring a New Franchise

In almost all cases, candidates for new locations are Franchisees who have owned and operated an existing McDonald’s restaurant.

Initial Costs

Owning a new franchise comes with McDonald’s franchise fees. There is an initial $45,000 fee paid to McDonald's.

Equipment and Pre-Opening Costs

Typically, these costs range from $1,269,500 to $2,268,295. The size of the restaurant facility, area of the country, pre-opening expenses, inventory, selection of kitchen equipment, signage, and style of décor and landscaping will affect new restaurant costs. These costs are paid to suppliers.

The new Owner/Operators must pay forty percent (40%) cash of the total costs of a new restaurant, and may finance the remainder from traditional sources. While McDonald's does not offer financing, McDonald's Owner/Operators enjoy the benefits of our established relationships with many national lending institutions. We believe our Owner/Operators enjoy the lowest lending rates in the industry.

Franchise Term

A franchise term is 20 years for a traditional location.

Ongoing Fees:

  • Service fee: There is a monthly fee based on the restaurant's gross sales (currently a service fee of 4.0% of monthly sales).
  • Rent: A monthly base rent or rent amount based upon a percentage of monthly sales is established.

Buying a Franchise

Take the first step towards owning and operating a successful franchise with McDonald’s