Mobile Order & Pay

New: Faster Faves, Only in the App

We now prep when you’re on the way if you choose Curbside, Front Counter—or dine in for Table Service. Just order ahead in the app to save time. Because waiting in line for faves? Not our thing either.*

*At participating McDonald’s.

More Ways to Pay for Faves

Get faves fast with Mobile Order & Pay* in the app. Use your preferred debit or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay™, PayPal or Venmo.

*McDonald’s app download and registration required. Mobile Order & Pay available at participating McDonald’s.

Three Easy Steps to Get Faves Faster in the App

Place Your Order Ahead of Time

So we can prep while you’re on the way.*

*Excludes Drive Thru

Double-Check Your Restaurant Choice

Your order will go to that kitchen, so make sure you head to the McDonald’s you selected. 

Select Curbside or Front Counter

So you can skip the line, or choose Table Service to dine in.

Mobile Order & Pay FAQs

How do I know which restaurants are participating in Mobile Ordering?

If you turn on location services, Mobile Order & Pay will appear in the McDonald's app as a feature when you're within 5 miles of a McDonald's restaurant that offers Mobile Order & Pay.

Within the location map, after selecting a restaurant icon, selecting the white detail box will also indicate if Mobile Order & Pay is available at a particular location. If the restaurant is participating, "Order Here" will appear in black letters at the bottom of the detail page, allowing you to select it and begin the order. If not, "Order Here" will appear muted out, indicating that Mobile Order & Pay is not enabled at that location.

How do I complete and pick up my order?

You can complete and pick up your McDonald's order at any participating restaurant listed in the app. When you arrive at the McDonald's restaurant you selected, follow the instructions in the app specific to your chosen pickup method: Curbside, Front Counter, Table Service, or Drive Thru. These options may vary by restaurant and time of day. When you place your order in the app, your order is completed and the restaurant charges your registered payment card. Remember, never use the McDonald's app while driving! Order in the app safely and come to the selected McDonald's restaurant. Once you arrive, enter your Curbside spot or table number in the app. If you're picking up at front counter, simply head to the counter and if picking up at the Drive Thru, you’ll receive a code to provide when you arrive at your selected McDonald’s.

Can I add a McDonald’s deal or promotion to my McDonald’s Mobile Order?

If a Deal is available for redemption through Mobile Order & Pay, there is an “Add Deal to Mobile Order” button below the code when viewing the Deal in the McDonald’s app. To redeem the Deal, choose the “Add Deal to Mobile Order” button then customize the items in this order. Choose “Add To Order” to add the Deal to your bag. Explore some of our deals and promotions.

How do I redeem points for free McDonald’s?

You can redeem with contactless ordering in the McDonald’s app by selecting Rewards, choosing the favorite you want to redeem and choosing “Add to Mobile Order”.

Can I redeem a reward and earn points in the same order?

Yes! You earn points on every eligible purchase, so if you’re redeeming a reward and ordering more food in addition to that, you will still earn 100 points for every dollar you spend on eligible products.

What happens if I never check in or pick up my order?

You have the option to cancel your order using the "Cancel Order" button in your order details as long as it has not started being prepared. If the payment is processed, please contact the restaurant where you purchased your order. You can find their phone number using the Restaurant Locator on our website.

Can I add an Arch Card® as a payment method?

You cannot register an Arch Card® for payment of mobile orders at this time.

How do I add, remove or edit payment information in the McDonald's app?

You can add or remove a card from the Checkout screen, or in the Payment Methods section found by selecting More in the menu, then selecting Profile. Follow the prompts on the screen, complete the required fields within the payment form and choose 'Save' to add a new card. To remove a card, select edit then select remove for the payment method you want to remove. 

How do I link my card for payment in the app?

Linking your card for more convenient payment in the app is easy. Simply,

  1. Go to ‘Earn Points’ in the McDonald’s app
  2. Select “Pay with Linked Card” at the top
  3. Insert your card information and hit save

If you want to edit or replace:

  1. Select ‘More’ at the bottom right
  2. Go to “Profile”
  3. Select “Payment Methods”

What if I have an issue with Mobile Order & Pay or want a refund?

If you experienced an issue with Mobile Order & Pay (excluding delivery) or are requesting a refund, please return to or contact the restaurant at which you made your purchase.

If you placed a McDonald’s app delivery order, first, check the Vendor Name to identify whether Uber Eats or DoorDash was handling your order, and please contact Uber Eats at: 1-866-987-3744 or DoorDash at: 1-833-510-0332. Orders placed via Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub or Postmates directly should be addressed with those delivery partners for resolution.

Who am I purchasing my order from?

Most McDonald's restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees. Some restaurants are owned and operated by subsidiaries of McDonald’s USA, LLC. When you finalize your order at checkout, you are purchasing your order directly from the restaurant you selected.

What should I do if I suspect fraudulent activity on my account?

If you believe incorrect or unauthorized charges appear on your account, you should immediately contact your bank. You should also immediately update your password. Security experts recommend that individuals use good password complexity and different user name and password combinations for each account.

What if I was charged for a product that is not available?

The McDonald’s app will label products that are currently unavailable for specific locations to prevent you from ordering those products. If you attempt to reorder an item that contains multiple products, where one or more of the products is unavailable, you will need to remove the unavailable product(s) before your order can be completed.

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can register Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards in the app. Payment cards registered must be issued by a U.S. bank. If you have an iOS device, and your card is registered to your Apple Wallet, Apple Pay will automatically display as a payment option within the McDonald’s app. If you have registered a card to the Google Pay™ app on your Android, you can select Google Pay™ as a payment method in the  McDonald’s app. Payments with PayPal and Venmo are also available with Mobile Order & Pay.

What happens to my deal or reward if I cancel my order?

Applied deals will be available within 15 minutes of your order. Rewards will be available for immediate redemption.   

Why are you collecting my email address?

Having a confirmed identity allows McDonald's to serve you as a customer better and helps to protect against fraudulent activity. If you are signed up to receive emails, we will also use your email address to communicate with you regarding the McDonald’s app, promotions we're running, charity or philanthropy events we're hosting and changes to food preparation.

Can I change the email address associated with my account?

You are not able to change the email address associated to your account in the McDonald’s app at this time.

How do I unsubscribe from email notifications?

Unsubscribing from emails via the app is not available at this time. If you are receiving emails from a McDonald's franchise, then you will need to unsubscribe from them directly using the unsubscribe link on their emails. It may take up to 10 business days for your request to take effect. For push notifications, go to your device settings for notifications and switch the McDonald's notifications to off.

How do I turn on/off push notifications?

Turn on push notifications to be notified for updates on your order progress. Plus, get alerts about app-exclusive deals, bonus deals and special product announcements.

  1. Launch the  McDonald’s app and ensure you are logged in.
  2. Select "More" on the bottom navigation bar and then "Profile."
  3. From here, select "Communications" and then "Push Notifications."
  4. Finally, select "Change My Settings" and switch the "Notifications" to On or Off.
  5. Alternatively, go to your device settings, locate the McDonald's app within your Application listings and switch the McDonald's "Notifications" to On or Off.

How do I turn location services on/off?

Turn on your location services to find the restaurant closest to you, find out which deals are near you and get the complete McDonald’s app experience.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Locate the McDonald’s app within your application listings.
  3. Choose your "Location" preference.

What if my first name or last name has any special characters?

The McDonald’s app now allows customers to include special characters as part of their name (first and last) for both registration and profile update. 

How do I delete my account?

  1. Launch the McDonald’s app.
  2. Select "More" on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Select the "Profile" Topic.
  4. Select "Delete account."
  5. Select “Delete account” on the next screen to confirm you want to delete your account—please note that deleting your account is permanent and means that you will lose access to points, rewards and deals.
  6. You can also request account deletion by completing the form on the CCPA Rights Center.

How do I know when my order is ready?

Just order and head to the McDonald’s restaurant you selected. For Curbside Pickup and Table Service, make sure to enter your spot or table number in the app, and your order will be out shortly. For Front Counter and Drive Thru, just head to your pickup point. You can also get updates on your order progress in the app—just enable your push notifications to receive alerts.

When will my card be charged?

Payment is charged when you place your order.

What happens if my pickup point (Curbside, Front Counter, Table Service or Drive Thru) is full or not available when I arrive?

You’ll be able to switch your pickup option once in the McDonald’s app after you arrive. On the Order Tracker page, simply select “Don’t want to pick up [at the channel you selected]?” and choose a new option.

Can I change or cancel my order once it’s placed?

At this time, orders cannot be changed after you submit payment. You can cancel your original order using the “Cancel Order” button in your order details. Once your order starts being prepared, you cannot cancel your order. You can get updates on your order progress in the app.

If I’m unable to pick up my order, how can I get a refund? 

Sorry you can’t make it. You can cancel your original order using the "Cancel Order" button in your order details, as long as your order has not started being prepared. If the payment is processed, you’ll need to contact the restaurant where you purchased the product for assistance. You can find their phone number using the Restaurant Locator on our website.

What happens if I go to a different restaurant than I selected when placing my order?  Can I pick up there?

We are unable to change your pickup restaurant after you have placed your order in the app. Make sure to double-check the selected restaurant before you submit your order.

If you visit a different restaurant, you have two options:

  1. You can cancel your original order using the “Cancel Order” button in your order details. After canceling your order, you can re-order your meal at the new restaurant and pay again. Remember to provide your loyalty code to earn points with the new transaction.
  2. Head to the restaurant selected in the app. That restaurant will already have your order and payment.

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