Join us in celebrating 2018

Happy Year of the Dog, 2018

Lunar New Year celebrations are an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of Asian Americans through family unity, community, food, and entertainment. They’re also an important way for Asian Americans to pass down traditions from one generation to the next.

This year, McDonald's Family Pavilion will visit the Chinatown in San Francisco for their Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations on February 24th & 25th.  When you go, check out the unique, modern graphics that are featured in the Pavilion Tent! Our illustrator has created vibrant Asian cityscapes and scenery built up from hundreds of smaller elements that are embedded with intricate details and meaningful symbolism.

Also, make sure to collect some of McDonald's new premiums that include beautifully designed postcards, trendy collectible lapel pins and reusable tote bags.

And, of course, Happy New Year!