Join McDonald’s in celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

APA Heritage Month

In recognition of the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions of the Asian Pacific American community, McDonald’s is proud to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated every May to commemorate the contributions Asian Pacific Americans have made to the United States.


On October 2, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a Joint Resolution establishing the first week in May 1979 as Asian Pacific American Heritage Week. The recognition was permanently expanded to one full month as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 14 years later.


May was designated as Asian Pacific Heritage Month because of two historic events: the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in America on May 7, 1843 and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad (by many Chinese laborers) on May 10, 1869. Asian Pacific Americans are greatly impacting mainstream American culture. Trends such as yoga, feng shui and Asian fusion cuisine are only a few examples.



Thanks to the growing number of immigrants who are creating a market for the foods they love and cherish. Americans are getting more sophisticated and daring when it comes to food these days. Soy sauce, sesame and ginger salad dressing and Asian dumplings are already a part of American fare. More and more American households are experimenting with Asian-inspired ingredients.



Most Asian Pacific Americans are often envied for their latest and coolest electronic gadgets. Multimedia creations inspired by them are the latest rage among kids, teens and young adults of all ages. They also represent a sizeable proportion of computer programmers as well as creators of Internet companies that offer a variety of the trendiest ways to receive news, information, entertainment and services using the worldwide web.



Today, more and more Asian Pacific Americans are being identified with sports. Be it a hole-in-one, hitting a 100 mph fast ball that leads to a home run, winning a grand slam tennis title at seventeen or debuting a change-of-edge spirals on the ice, they have become household names in a host of sporting activities. Asian Pacific Americans, particularly immigrants, are also helping to induce greater public interest in other sports, including soccer, field hockey and cricket.



Asian Pacific Americans have gained respect and recognition in the music world. You'll find them performing as soloists or in well-known bands and musical troupes. Asian Pacific Americans are surging among the top classical music artists including a well-known cellist and several violinists.



There is an increasing number of Asian Pacific American actors in major movies, television and cable programs, and even more of them working behind the scenes around the country. Popular Asian movies are often adapted into Hollywood versions. Asian Pacific American newscasters and reporters are also redefining the way American consumers view the news.


Home Decor

You've probably heard of feng shui or your home was actually designed using feng shui principles to balance the energy flow within your property. Even a few McDonald's stores have incorporated feng shui elements in their restaurant design. Asian Pacific American architects and designers are influencing the way home builders construct new homes and offices. Some of them are also credited with designing and building some of the most important structures and national monuments in the country.



Mehndi-temporary henna tattoos-are the latest fad in the past few years. Pop culture icons, including international singers and entertainers, have adorned themselves with them. These beautiful henna tattoos have a long tradition that originated in countries in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, the Pacific Islands and North Africa. There is also a growing interest in Asian-inspired art, from impressionist to minimalist.