McCafé® Coffee

Smoothies, coffee, espresso.

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Can I get a decaf McCafé® espresso drink?

None of our espresso-based drinks are currently available as decaf. Learn more about our McCafé® espresso drinks.

Is your coffee responsibly grown?

In 2017, 54% of our coffee (64% of restaurant coffee globally and 11% of U.S. and Canada retail coffee) was sourced sustainably through Rainforest Alliance UTZ, Fair Trade International and Fair Trade USA certification, as well as programs approved by the McCafé Sustainability Improvement Platform, a framework to guide our entire coffee supply chain. Over half of our certified coffee purchases are from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, including 100% of the beans used for our espresso in the U.S. and Canada. This is moving us toward our goal of sustainably sourcing 100% of our ground and whole bean coffee globally by 2020*.

Here in the U.S., in partnership with our franchisees along with McDonald's Canada, we invested $6.7 million in a farmer technical assistance program in Central America. During the four-and-a-half year program, we helped train nearly 15,000 coffee farmers to produce more sustainably.

Farmers in the program saw amazing results. Participating farmers reported harvesting on average 45% yield increase compared to their neighbors.

Learn more about our efforts to advance coffee sustainability.

*includes espresso based drinks and coffee brewed at restaurants and all coffee retail products.

What's the difference between espresso and coffee?

Our McCafé® coffee is a medium roast that is smooth and balanced, while our McCafé® espresso is a medium-dark roast that is full-bodied with hints of chocolate. Find out more about all of our delicious McCafé® espresso drinks.

How much caffeine is in your coffee?

We don't currently report the amount of caffeine in our coffee—but we can promise you a bright and balanced cup. See what else makes our McCafé® coffee so delicious.