McCafé® Rewards

How to Earn Rewards *

Locate the McCafé Rewards Card in the App

Once you download and register on the McDonald’s App, locate your McCafé Rewards Card on the App home screen or in the Deals section.

Order Your McCafé

Select Scan Now at Restaurant for ordering in restaurant, or select Order a McCafé for Mobile Order & Pay.

Get Your McCafé Drink

After you select Scan Now, a screen will appear with your code. Say your code at the counter or drive-thru, or scan the QR code at the scanner at the counter, drive-thru or kiosk. If you order through Mobile Order & Pay, your McCafé Rewards progress will be applied automatically after payment; there’s no need to scan. Users generally see their progresss show up in their card within 12 hours.

*Earn on full price drinks that are served in a McCafé cup, box or bottle. Not valid with McCafe drinks purchased within a mobile deal or McCafe bakery items.

How to redeem rewards

Locate Your Reward

Find your free McCafé on the home screen or in the Deals tab.

Order Your Free McCafé

After you’ve selected your McCafé Rewards Card, select how you want to order your free McCafé drink: in restaurant or through Mobile Order & Pay.

Get Your Free Drink

After you select Scan Now, a screen will appear with your code. Say your code at the counter or drive-thru, or scan the QR code at the scanner at the counter, drive-thru or kiosk, or simply place a mobile order to get your free McCafé drink. Your free McCafé reward will be automatically redeemed when using Mobile Order & Pay.

†Redeem for any drink that is served in a McCafé cup for free. Cannot redeem for non-McCafé product through Mobile ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do my McCafé Rewards expire?

We’ve got something new percolating, so rewards earned before or on December 27, 2020 will expire on February 25, 2021. McCafé Rewards earned after December 28 expire after 60 days.

Where do I find my McCafé Rewards Card?

Your McCafé Rewards Card is a digital card that can be found on the App homepage or in the Deals section of the McDonald’s App.

Where can I earn and redeem McCafé Rewards?

You can earn and redeem McCafé Rewards at the front counter, kiosk, Drive Thru, or through mobile ordering in the McDonald’s App.

Once I've earned 5 McCafé Rewards progress points, how do I claim my free McCafé drink?

You can access your rewards through the App homepage under the “Your McCafé Rewards” section or in the Deals section, select your free McCafé reward, and order your free drink.

Can I use another McDonald’s mobile deal with McCafé Rewards?

Yes, just scan your deal and your McCafé Rewards will automatically be added – no need to scan twice.

Do I earn a reward if a McCafé drink is a part of a mobile deal?

No, you do not earn a reward for a McCafé drink that is included in a deal.

What if my McCafé Rewards doesn’t show up immediately?

Your McCafé Rewards in most cases will be updated within 12 hours after use. When you buy 5 McCafé drinks from the App, the redemption of a free drink is available for use on your next visit. Enjoy!

Can I use McCafé Rewards with McDelivery?

No, you cannot earn or redeem McCafé Rewards.

Can I earn more than one McCafé Rewards progress point per purchase?

Yes, you will receive one progress point for every eligible McCafé drink.

Need Help?

Call 1-800-244-6227 Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST and a Customer Relations representative will be available to assist you.

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