Introducing MmmBox. A monthly subscription service from McDonald’s that pairs your favorite menu items to your lifestyle. Order your #MmmBox today!
Handcrafted satisfaction. An alternative for non-mainstream tastebuds. Less is more.
The Artisan Box

While you’re out scouring the back alleys of your bohemian neighborhood for the latest boutique shop, don’t forget to order The Artisan MmmBox. For inside resides an Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Be sure to stimulate your mouth palate and try our other MmmBoxes, like the Ribster or Minimalist.

The Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich®

A work of art crafted with a 100% grilled chicken breast filet, and seasoned to perfection with a pinch of salt, garlic, and parsley. Its contrasting textures culminate into a mosaic of flavor encased by a delectable artisan roll.
Lil’ Loom

Go on and weave yourself a placemat for your tasty sandwich.
Artisanal Toothpick Bundle

Hand-whittled from the mighty Sequoia.
The Ribster Box

Take off your thick-rimmed glasses and get ready to fulfill your appetite, “before it was cool.” This delectable MmmBox contains one of the most elusive McDonald’s menu items: the McRib.

Once the Ribster box starts trending – it’ll totally go underground – so feel free to choose a more indie MmmBox, like the Artisan or Minimalist box.

The McRib®

Replete with delicious onions, pickles, and zesty BBQ sauce, each non-mainstream bite is filled with joy.
Moustache Comb

Perfect for combing out those pesky crumbs.
Plaid Napkin

Flannel — for when things get messy but you still wanna look dapper.

No Ribster box would be complete without a little bit of irony.
The Minimalist Box

Less is so much more.

Single fry with dollop of ketchup
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