HACER MÁS TV : 60 English Text Description

Growing up, you know, it was difficult at times, you know, because we sometimes struggled financially.

Erick Soto, a McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship recipient 2020, wakes up in the morning with hope in his organized yet simple room.

And, my dad, it was up to him to raise us by himself.

His dad, whom he looks up to, is making coffee in the kitchen early in the day.

What I admire the most about my dad is, he really persevered and pushed, you know, through life and through obstacles.

Erick sees up close the discipline of his hard-working father, waking up early every morning to go to work.

He really doesn’t give up. He always reminds us that what he does it’s, you know, to keep us moving forward.

This, rubs off of him, as he helps his father get all the work equipment in the truck. The camera focuses on Erick, soaking in all the inspiration from his father.

After school I would spend hours in the library studying.

So he puts it into practice. Erick is then seen spending long hours, day and night at the library studying, alone. He’s even the last one to leave.

I didn’t have internet at home. I had to go over to the McDonald’s to finish up some homework.

Unfortunately, Erick didn’t have Internet at home. That’s why after the library closed, he went on to McDonald’s to use the Wi-Fi and finish his school work.

I remember, you know, looking up and seeing this poster in the lobby, it was about the HACER Scholarship, so I applied.

As he’s working on his laptop, he looks up, notices a poster about the HACER Scholarship there and decides to apply.

At first I thought, what are the odds? But then I remember my dad always saying you have to push through, you have to have hope.

This is when Erick’s life changed. All because he had hope, was inspired and disciplined to make it happen no matter the obstacles life throws at you; even simple things like working on the truck or taking his little brother to school. Erick is now part of Class 2023 University of Arkansas.

The McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship. Apply at mcdonalds.com/HACER. Deadline: February 7th.

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