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We have more in common than we think.



Click on each customer pair to discover what they have in common.

  • Smiling man sitting at a McDonald's booth eating a McChicken.
  • woman in yellow sweater leans on a mcdonalds table with beverage
  • Man in gold paisley shirt enjoying an iced McCafe beverage at a McDonalds high top table.
  • Smirking woman wearing a scarf sits at a McDonalds table with a McCafe Frappe in hand

We have playtime in common.

Selma, 91

I am 91 years old and I still have an excellent memory. I sit here and recall how much I’ve enjoyed watching the kids run around the playground and burst with excitement over their Happy Meal toys. Eating at McDonald’s meant they could make noise, run around, and be themselves; and my husband and I were able to eat in peace!

Jake, 15

I remember just running around the PlayPlace at McDonald’s after I finished eating. I was such a bad eater, but my mom always knew I would finish everything (even the apples) so I could just have playtime. That’s what I remember most about when I was younger.

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  • Two smiling women sit at a booth and enjoy a McDonald's beverage
  • Two grinning mcdonalds employees wearing purple polo shirts and a headset
  • Happy man sitting at a mcdonalds table holding a beverage looks away from the camera
  • Young woman with long dark hair and pink sweater sitting at a McDonald's table with a cup and sandwich boxes

We have singing in the drive-thru in common.

Michael, 28

When you are a drag queen on the go, there isn’t always time to sit and enjoy a meal. Thank goodness that the McDonald’s drive-thru is always readily available, whether it’s before or after a late-night gig. I have many great memories of driving through McDonald’s with a car full of drag queens after a show. One time, I remember singing with the guy who was working the McDonald’s drive-thru! I am very grateful to McDonald’s for keeping drag queens fed all over the world!

Jon, 21

Anytime I’m in the car, especially while on my way to McDonald’s, I’m always playing music on the radio. It’s what helps me enjoy the ride. One time, I went through the drive-thru and I had my music on full blast and one of the workers started singing along with me. It was an awesome moment that I’ll always remember.

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  • Young boy holds a mcdonalds happy meal box in one hand and a basketball in the other
  • Laughing man in a suit enjoys a McDonald's burger and drink at a table with a friend
  • woman wearing a black winter coat holds a mcdonalds drink outside of a mcdonald's restaurant
  • A smiling couple links arms while enjoying mcdonalds breakfast at a table

We have proud parents in common.

Ava, 5

When my mom is really proud of me, she always lets me pick whatever I want at McDonald’s. Today, the teacher told my mom about me and Layla. Layla usually sits alone during lunch so today I saw her and decided to talk with her. I think we’re friends now, she’s quiet but she laughed really hard when I told her my stories!

Jonathen, 27

I will never forget the time we won my junior year high school playoff game. My dad took me to McDonald’s after to celebrate and let me order whatever I wanted. Of course, I got more than I could eat, but my favorite item has always been the Oreo McFlurry.

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  • Young man in white tshirt holds an iced mccafe drink outside of a mcdonald's restaurant
  • Man in a black jacket sips from a mcdonalds beverage cup
  • A woman in a pink hat sits at a mcdonalds table with a drink
  • Young woman laughs while enjoying a McDonalds salad and drink

We have afternoon pick-me-ups in common.

Eleftheria, 65

I went into McDonald’s this past Sunday after my unexpected trip to the thrift store. I have been sneaking in a vanilla cone once a week, wherever I could find one in Chicago. I walked in holding huge suede bed sheets, dishes, and candles (insisting on not needing a bag at the thrift store). I ordered my vanilla ice cream cone, set down all of my items and sat down to eat my cone while I looked out on a calm beautiful fall Sunday. It was a good day.

Maria, 32

I’m working on my podcast hoping to make it my main job one day. It’s hard to keep at it sometimes, but I made a little tradition to treat myself to a vanilla shake when things go well. It was actually at a McDonald’s that I came up with a great idea for an episode, so I’m secretly hoping more brilliant ideas will spark here. I’m superstitious like that.

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  • Young woman smiled at camera while holding a mcdonalds drink and an apple pie at a table
  • Man in a plaid shirt sits at a mcdonalds table with a drink and fries while looking at camera
  • A couple enjoy mcdonalds burgers while sitting at a booth
  • Man and woman couple sits at a mcdonalds booth and eats a burger, fries, and shake

We have unforgettable memories in common.

Victoria, 36 (left)

As a child, McDonald’s had free breakfast for moms on Mother’s Day. McDonald’s would send a paper heart and a poem to schools and the children would color it and give it to their moms. The joke today is that I took my mom out for breakfast but she had to pay for mine as I had no money. We rode the bus there and we waited in the insanely long line for my mom’s “free” breakfast. Today, my mom suffers with dementia and forgets many things, but that memory is something we always remember and still both laugh about.

Hannah, 29

My favorite McDonald’s moment was when I was visiting my mom this last November. We went to McDonald’s like we always used to growing up. We both ordered the same thing, an Oreo McFlurry, and we had a lovely time bonding and catching up. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but sometimes those are the moments you remember the most.

  • man in tank top stares into camera while sitting at a table and enjoying a mcdonalds burger and fries
  • Man in grey polo and folded hands sits on the end of a mcdonald's booth
  • Young man in black hat looks at camera while leaning back in a mcdonald's booth
  • Woman in a grey sweater smirks while sitting at a mcdonalds table with a beverage
  • Mother and son eating McDonald's Happy Meal
  • Man at McDonald's drive-through
  • Young man with tray of McDonald's meal
  • Indian woman with glasses leaning on high top table

We have first days in common.

Ben, 39
First Day of U.S. Citizenship

I became an American citizen today. So, I thought I’d do the most American thing I could think of, which is have a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. I remember when McDonald’s first came to my hometown in England. An American fast food chain coming to a small English town was a huge deal. Before, you’d just eat at pubs or cafes, there was no fast food, so when we finally got a McDonald’s it was pretty magical.

Marigold, 5 (left)
First Day of Kindergarten

It was my first day of kindergarten today. But my dad and I always come to McDonald’s on Tuesdays because my mom works late. My favorite thing is the ketchup dispenser. My dad always gets his own and I like getting my own. I’m not very good at it, but I practice every time I come in and I’m getting better and better at it. We have show-and-tell next week and I’m going to bring in my blue bunny.

  • Woman in hat and glasses holding McDonald's drink
  • Young man folding his arms holding McDonald's bag
  • Smiling woman sitting at corner of McDonald's booth
  • Red-haired grandmother sitting at McDonald's

We have community in common.

George, 84

All of my friends get together at McDonald’s. Every morning this is where we meet for coffee. We’re all retired now, so we have no other place to go. They have these cafes back in Italy and Greece, where all of the old people go and have coffee and spend half their day talking politics, business, and whatever else—that’s what this place is to us. It’s our cafe. I’ve met some really great friends here, they’re the reason I keep coming back.

Louise, 64

I’m here every day during the week with my friends. There’s a group of six or seven of us that always get together. We talk about what’s going on in the world, our lives, the past. Some of them are much older than me, but I’ve met some of my best friends here. My favorite memory was when I threw a surprise party for one of the women in our group. She had no idea. We all got here early and when she walked in, she was so surprised. That was a special moment for me.

  • Senior Box Office Associate has McDonald's drink at table
  • Young McDonald's worker making McCafe Coffee
  • Woman at McDonald's leans over restaurant booth
  • Young Puerto Rican woman leans against McDonald's wall with drink in hand

We have acts of kindness in common.

Ontaria, 21

There’s one moment I’ll never forget. In middle school, my friend came to McDonald’s with me and out of the blue, she bought my whole meal. She paid for my McChicken and a vanilla cone. I don’t know why it’s stuck with me for so long, but I still think about it today. It was amazing. For being so young, it was so thoughtful and kind. I’ll always remember that.

Greg, 57 (left)

One of my most profound McDonald’s experiences was when I was living in LA. I walked into a McDonald’s and noticed a homeless person outside. I didn’t have a lot of money myself, but I ended up buying him a meal. He burst out crying. He hugged me. He was so appreciative. The manager of the store actually saw what I was doing and ended up giving him a gift card. Because I gave back, he gave back. I thought that was really cool.

  • Woman with two children eating at McDonald's
  • Well dressed man enjoys McDonald's ice cream cone
  • Young friends hug at McDonald's
  • Man and girlfriend embrace at McDonald's high top table

We have movie nights in common.

Maria, 20

Every Thursday growing up, me, my dad, and my brother would go to McDonald’s because my mom had a workout class. He always let us get whatever we wanted, which for me, was usually chicken nuggets. Then, we’d bring it home and have movie night. My dad collects DVDs, so we’d pick one out from his collection. That’s what I remember most. Thursdays we had McDonald’s and Fridays we had pizza.

Jakob, 29

Growing up, my mom and I would go to McDonald’s almost every Friday night when my dad worked late. Friday nights were our movie nights. That was our lazy time together. I was an only child, so that’s when my mom and I bonded the most. I’m a musician, so I don’t know if I’ll ever end up having kids of my own, but McDonald’s is a part of everyone’s childhood growing up. It’s Americana.