Spicy Chicken McNuggets®

Mighty Hot Sauce

If you’re even more of a heat-seeker, Mighty Hot Sauce is back. Add a little or add a lot, but remember it packs a flavorful punch...a Mighty. Flavorful. Punch.

Mighty Hot Sauce available for a limited time only.

How Hot is Hot?

Refresh with a Sprite® Hot?

Heat lovers, you’ll want to be sure you have a crisp, cool drink. Small or medium should do the trick—unless you got a 10 Piece, in which case go large.

World Famous Fries® Hot?

Calm that heat with the tasty flavor of our golden, delicious Fries. Dip ‘em in ketchup for an extra hit of sweetness.

McFlurry® Hot?

Get a McFlurry for a taste of something creamy, crunchy and—most importantly—chilly. Perfect for all things spicy.

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