Dirk Giannini

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Dirk Giannini’s Story

Fourth generation farmer, lettuce supplier Dirk Giannini has been producing lettuce on his Salinas Valley farm for more than 14 years. Born and raised with farming in his blood, Dirk’s appreciation for the land that provides the high quality McDonald’s lettuce for our Salads is second to none. “We would never want to take anything away from this ground because it is our livelihood,” says Dirk.

He prides himself on the effort of farming, but also on the history. His grandfather was one of the pioneering farmers who brought lettuce by railcars filled with ice, hence Iceberg Lettuce.

“McDonalds expects high quality and freshness on a daily basis,” he explains. “Within days, our lettuce is harvested, tripled rinsed and delivered to McDonalds.”

“To produce high-quality lettuce, the attention to detail is demanding, and we are here every day making sure we can make that happen for McDonalds,” says Dirk.

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