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At McDonald’s, we’re making changes based on what we’re hearing from all of you. That’s why we work hard to make tasty food with a “less is more” philosophy. But what does that mean for our ingredients? It means we use 100% real beef patties seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper. It means our Egg McMuffin® is made with a freshly-cracked egg. And, in the US, our fish filets are made from sustainably-sourced Alaskan Pollock. It means we use real buttermilk in our Buttermilk Crispy Chicken and our Chicken McNuggets® are made with white meat chicken. To put it frankly, it means –The Simpler The Better. ™

McDonald's Commitment to Quality Food

Commitment to Food Quality

Learn about what we’re doing, from quality to flavor. We’re
making changes to bring you and your family food you can
feel good about eating.

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If you loved our Chicken McNuggets before, get ready to love them even more.
Made with 100% white meat chicken, no artificial colors, or flavors. And now,
you’ll enjoy the same great taste with no artificial preservatives.

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Nutrition Calculator

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Quality Food

See what makes our ingredients special. 

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Supplier Stories

Meet some of the people who provide the ingredients for your favorite menu items.

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Our Food, Your Questions

We’re transparent about our food so when you ask, we tell.   

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Nutrition Improvements

We’re changing our menu to align with your changing nutrition needs. 

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Menu Evolution

We are evolving our menu to provide more delicious food you can feel good about eating.

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