McDonald's Drinks FAQs

Thirsty for answers (see what we did there)?

Ever wondered why McDonald's Coke is so good? We have your answer in our McDonald's Drinks FAQ. Check out our answers to all of the questions you want answered!

Does McDonald's use milk from cows treated without rbST?

McDonald's offers customers milk jugs made with milk from cows not treated with rbST, an artificial growth hormone. No significant difference is shown between rbST-treated and non-rbST treated cows. 

Is McDonald's orange juice pasteurized?

Yep. McDonald's serves Minute Maid® Premium Orange Juice which is pasteurized for safety and quality reasons. Still curious? Find out more about our Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice.

Does McDonald's offer fruit and dairy options?

Yes! In 2013, we began working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to develop a comprehensive plan for 20 major markets to increase customers’ access to fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and water; markets announced fulfilling their commitments in 2018.

Why does Coca-Cola taste so good at McDonald's? 

There are many reasons the Coca-Cola® tastes so great at McDonald’s. We simply follow the guidelines set by Coca-Cola® and take steps to ensure that we serve a high-quality fountain beverage.

The water and Coca-Cola® syrup are pre-chilled before entering our fountain dispensers with the ratio of syrup set to allow for ice to melt. We also keep our fountain beverage system cold so your drink is always refreshing. In order to ensure our drinks are always meeting a gold standard, we filter all the water before it enters fountain dispensers.

There’s also our straw—it’s slightly wider than a typical straw so all that Coke® taste can hit your taste buds.

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